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February 2009

Feature Article

Talking Walls: Lakeside's Murals

By Carol L. Bowman

As I've walked through the streets of Ajijic, eyes down, preoccupied with avoiding a tumble on the cobblestones and pavement pitfalls, I've missed some of the area's treasures. Taking a risk, I recently looked up at the architecture, and at schools and village government buildings that revealed their treasures—murals painted by local artists. Animated walls talked to me and colorful images sprang from their facades while telling their stories.

A mural is simply a very large image—such as a painting—applied directly to a wall or a ceiling. Murals are revered in Mexico as they bring art into the public sphere, showing up on empty expanses where people live and work, where the art affects their daily lives. A mural is where art converges with politics, social issues or history.

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