Temporary Site Outage Resolved

by David McLaughlin 7. November 2010 11:40

Today, Nov. 7, 2010, from approximately 2:25 PM UTC until 5:10 PM UTC, our www.Mexico-Insights.com website was not operational (8:25 AM – 11:10 AM Ajijic local time).

This was a problem at our web hosting service, and unfortunately it occurred at a point where our ‘friendly’ error page didn’t display – only an ugly error page from the web server – not very informative.

We noticed the problem a little after 9AM local, put in a trouble ticket to the web hosting service, and in due time the issue was resolved.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.




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Judy King is publisher of Mexico Insights—Living at Lake Chapala, a monthly online magazine for people interested in Mexico's Lake Chapala region, in the state of Jalisco.

Judy, a 19-year resident of Ajijic on Lake Chapala's north shore, conducts weekly newcomer's seminars and shares her expertise about Mexico in her ezine at www.mexico-insights.com, and in the "Mexico Lindo" column of the Lake Chapala Review.

Judy also is a speaker for local organizations and visiting tour groups about the Lakeside area about Mexican customs and holidays.

About Judy King

Judy King

Hi There — Welcome to my little corner of the world. I'm Judy King and I live in the centuries-old village of Ajijic on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest natural lake.

I've lived here full time since 1990, and... [ more ]

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