A Sneak Preview of the June Issue

by Judy King 31. May 2010 07:40

Tomorrow is June 1 and the new issue of Living at Lake Chapala will be released. BUT…we can’t wait…here is a sneak preview  -- it’s part of the new “From the Editor” Column – it always has a rundown of the month’s articles

Did you know that you can always read “From the Editor” (whether you are a subscriber or not)? Just go to http://www.mexico-insights.com and then select the “From the Editor” column from the current issue.

A Giant Park, a Visit to Cuenca, Admiring Colima and Vacations in Mexico
Our Living at Lake Chapala writers have been working hard for you this month. Wait til you see this line up of articles by this well-traveled group. Leading off the adventures, Herbert Piekow, who has been living in Guadalajara for a few months while immersed in a Spanish course, returns with a new view of another feature of that wonderful city.

In our June Feature Article, Herbert takes us on a guided tour of Parque Agua Azul. I'm not sure what I want to visit first, the butterfly house, the bird environment, the paleontology museum or the orchid house (more than 400 in bloom). Such a dilemma Herbert has presented for us.

Which sounds like more fun to you, a few hours in an enclosure full of beautiful orchids or one that is filled with butterflies? You can do both just a short distance apart in Guadalajara's Parque Agua Azul.

Next, head right to our People, Places and Things column and vicariously enjoy a month in Cuenca, Ecuador. A recent national article ranked Ajijic and Cuenca at the top of the "Best Retirement Places You've Never Heard Of." How sweet is this, our friend Georgina Russell spent the winter experiencing life in Ecuador, and she gives you a peek, including costs of living there in this article.

Jim Cook is back in this issue's Out and About column. This month he's sharing with you his journey to the nearby city (and volcano) — Colima. You'll discover the wide range of attractions that area has to offer in this piece which is studded with Jim's always great photos.

You met the delightful Carolena Torres in our last issue's story about her trip around Lake Chapala. This month, in our Getting Here piece, she shares with you some of the adventures that highlight the 22 years of vacations she and her husband, Joe, have enjoyed in Mexico.

Lakeside's Coffee Expert, A Favorite B&B, and Mexico's Wedding Traditions
Even though we keep telling you that the most interesting people end up moving to Lakeside, our writing team members keep interviewing fascinating folks we've met but didn't know their pre-Lake Chapala experiences. In this issue Dianne Kocer is interviewing her good friend and coffee gourmand Kevin Knox. We think you'll recognize the names of some of the coffee and tea selling companies he's worked for!

(Left:) We're guessing that our favorite Ajijic coffee shop looks a little different from those Lakeside's coffee guru Kevin Knox developed — but he's loving the organic Mexican coffee. (Right:) Do you know about the mastodon skeleton that was found on the then dry east end of Lake Chapala a few years ago? Herbert visited Lakeside's favorite pre-historic specimen in a Guadalajara park.

Next up, Harriet returns to Villa Eucaliptos to have breakfast with Ralph Moniz, the innkeeper who helped Harriet and her husband Paul settle on the shores of Mexico's largest natural lake (along with a bunch of other folks!) Take a look at this great friendly inn for your next trip to Lakeside, or as a place to house your overflow guests.

Then, Judy has accumulated a set of wedding customs and traditions. You'll learn some of the superstitions (don't give the bride pearls) and understand what's expected if you are asked to be the madrina de tequila or de rama (the godmother of the tequila or of the bouquet).

Arranging for Medical Procedures, King of the BBQ, Meatball Soups in Every Culture

Karen Blue is back! She recently discovered a pair of new services available here at Lake Chapala who are arranging medical procedures for area residents or visitors who have private US or Mexican health coverage. Read all about SurgeryHost and MDabroad in our Health and Safety column.

Ah, we're winding up this issue with a pair of food columns. Wait till you see the great looking ribs our BBQ Scott Richards has prepared for you as he explains how to throw the meat on your Mexican grill and save a heap of money — here's one tip: use carbón not pricey imported charcoal briquettes!

Then Judy and Lorraine are in the Mexican Kitchen making a dish in the style of several familiar cultures. Meatball soup is a home cooked comfort food in Mexico where it has a touch of chile and a bit of mint. Judy remembers her mother's meatball soup served over a bed of rice and garnished with fresh parsley and Lorraine recalls her grandmother's Italian meatball soup with cannelloni beans! We've included a simple recipe for the Mexican version that we know you are going to love.

Now that's a good way to end things — with some barbeque and some great comfort food. It's a great issue, and we're sure you're going to enjoy it, from start to finish.

Judy King is publisher of Mexico Insights—Living at Lake Chapala, a monthly online magazine for people interested in Mexico's Lake Chapala region, in the state of Jalisco.

Judy, a 19-year resident of Ajijic on Lake Chapala's north shore, conducts weekly newcomer's seminars and shares her expertise about Mexico in her ezine at www.mexico-insights.com, and in the "Mexico Lindo" column of the Lake Chapala Review.

Judy also is a speaker for local organizations and visiting tour groups about the Lakeside area about Mexican customs and holidays.


6/2/2010 3:13:21 AM #

It's another wonderful edition!!  Found especially interesting the Medical Tourism article...as well as the two B&B Boys in Ajijic. It's so nice to have your magazine to look forward to every month.  


Mic United States |

6/15/2010 7:08:32 PM #

Love the food section. It makes me crave for my favorite Mexican dishes. I guess I have to make do with the mexican restaurant around the corner. But I missed the authentic Mexican home dish

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