Answers for your Moving Concerns

by Judy King 8. April 2010 23:17

Are these questions similar to your concerns as you think about living at Lake Chapala ?

  • What do I have to do to bring my dogs to Mexico?
  • What do I do about my mail?
  • Can I just have my car shipped down to Mexico while I fly in?
  • Is it safe to have drinks with ice?
  • Where can I buy equipal furniture?
  • What are my options for health insurance in Mexico?
  • Where can I find real Mexican food?
  • If you have to drink purified water, how do you manage to safely have a shower or wash the dishes?
  • What kinds of creepy crawlies do you have here?
  • Is it safe to shop in the weekly tianguis (outdoor market)?
  • Where should I go and what should I see while I’m in Mexico?
  • Financially does it make more sense to drive down here or buy a car here?
  • What are the options for TV; can I get the channels I want to watch?

  Each week since January 2002, we’ve fielded questions like these and a whole lot more during the Mexico Insights Newcomers Seminar sessions. The small groups of foreigners meet with us every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the restaurant of La Nueva Posada in Ajijic.

DCP_0004 We’re blowing our own horn today

The truth is that we tell it like it is in these information-packed three-hour sessions.

  • We sharing vital information folks need to make an educated decision about moving to Lakeside
  • We help folks find the information they need to get here less stressful
  • We explain enough to help lower the overwhelm levels for those who have just arrived.

Here’s an interesting fact

Occasionally Lakeside residents who’ve lived here for several years come to sit in one of our sessions to see what we’re presenting and how we’re doing. They’re often shocked to realize that we offer information and answers to questions and problems that they couldn’t address.

Each Session is Adjusted for the Participants

We fine tune each session to match the participants, allowing those at the meeting to choose from a list of potential topics so we can cut right to their most pressing concerns. ; nearly always we spend a great deal of the session talking about the most common concerns of folks thinking of living at Lake Chapala – part time or full time including:

  • DSC00208 Cost of Living
  • Cultural Differences
  • Money and Banking
  • Food and Drink
  • Immigration
  • Crossing the Border
  • Lakeside Climate
  • Moving your Stuff
  • Bringing your Animals
  • Cars, Driving and Insurance
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Public Transportation
  • Renting Homes
  • Purchasing Property
  • Safety
  • Events, Holidays and Activities
  • Getting Acquainted
  • Pitfalls, Tips, and Problems

Yes, We Do Charge for the Seminar

There’s a minimal fee to attend this session -- $40 US for a couple, $25 US for a single – and that includes your coffee, a 40-page handout book, and our personalized service as your email mentor as you prepare for your move and get settled. We also invite participants to return as alumni to sit in on one more session – without charge.


And here’s the Mexico Insights guarantee:

If we don’t answer at least three questions you didn’t know you should ask, we’ll refund your money! You can’t do much better than that!

Guess what? No one has asked for their money back, and many mention that  we’ve answered more than those three magic questions they didn’t know to ask – in the first 30 minutes. 

You Don’t Have to Reserve a Spot…But…

It’s fun for us to know when you are coming, so send us an email: and we’ll add you to  the list for that week. Then we’ll be looking forward to seeing you in the restaurant area of La Nueva Posada in Ajijic for your informational, fun seminar.

Judy King is publisher of Mexico Insights—Living at Lake Chapala, a monthly online magazine for people interested in Mexico's Lake Chapala region, in the state of Jalisco.

Judy, a 19-year resident of Ajijic on Lake Chapala's north shore, conducts weekly newcomer's seminars and shares her expertise about Mexico in her ezine at, and in the "Mexico Lindo" column of the Lake Chapala Review.

Judy also is a speaker for local organizations and visiting tour groups about the Lakeside area about Mexican customs and holidays.


4/9/2010 8:05:20 AM #

The session I attended was very helpful. Judy is not only knowledgeable and articulate about the area, but she's also fair in her revelations about the Lakeside lifestyle. Her love of Mexico is clear, but she doesn't hesitate to talk about the downside of living there.

susan toalson United States |

4/12/2010 4:54:57 PM #

Thanks Susan it was nice meeting you. Don't forget that you have Email mentoring available to you as as an alumni of the seminars.

judyking Mexico |

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