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Are beaches closed in Massachusetts?

Are beaches closed in Massachusetts?

COVID-19 Updates – Beaches closures in Massachusetts Beaches in Massachusetts are open for day use. Gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited.

Is the beach open in Massachusetts?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts manages a variety of beaches, from 15 saltwater ocean beaches to more than 50 inland, fresh-water beaches. Most are open between Memorial Day and Labor Day; many offer lifeguard services.

Why are Gloucester beaches closed?

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — More Massachusetts beaches are closed due to high levels of bacteria in the water.

Are beaches safe in Massachusetts?

Environment Massachusetts found that of the 556 locations examined in Massachusetts, 264 tested beaches were potentially unsafe for swimming on at least one day in 2020, and 29 beaches were potentially unsafe on at least 25 percent of the days they were tested. …

Can you swim in Boston Bay?

While Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area is water-oriented, none of the islands or peninsula parks are true swimming destinations. The beaches are all gravel, so you need either tough feet or water shoes to have any chance of enjoying yourself.

Is Wollaston beach safe to swim in 2021?

“Wollaston, in dry weather, is a good place to swim. In wet weather, it’s problematic,” said Bruce Berman, Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay’s director of strategy and communication.

Who has the best drinking water in Massachusetts?

Boston’s tap water was recently ranked the best in the country by a national water association. BOSTON — Boston may have to revisit its choice of “Dirty Water” by The Standells as its unofficial anthem, because the city has the best-tasting tap water in the nation according to a national water association.

What beaches are contaminated in Massachusetts?

Other beaches called out for having the most potentially unsafe days in the state were Tenean Beach in Boston, Wollaston Beach, Keyes Beach in Barnstable, Malibu Beach in Dorchester and Sandy Beach in Essex County.

Is the Boston Harbor safe to swim in?

In 2020, the overall water quality safety rating for Boston Harbor’s regional beaches managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation was 93% which was an improvement over the prior year, which had a score of 89%.

Is swimming in Boston Harbor legal?