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Can I download games for the Wii?


Can I download games for the Wii?

The Wii Shop Channel allows you to download Wii Channels, WiiWare titles, Virtual Console games and redeem Nintendo Points, as well as obtaining other downloads (subject to availability). A broadband internet connection is required.

How do I put WBFS games on a USB?


  1. Insert your USB stick into your Computer.
  2. Format the USB stick to FAT32 (Quick format will work)
  3. Make a folder on the USB called “wbfs” (without the quotations)
  4. Now we will make a folder within the wbfs folder.
  5. Within the wbfs folder, make the folder called – “MarioKartWii [RMCE01]” (without quotations)

How do you copy Wii games?

Turn on the Wii, open the Wii menu and select Data Management. Open the Save Games menu, select Wii, then the SD tab. Copy the Return of the Jodi save that matches your region.

How do I download games onto my Wii?

To download Wii games, begin by clicking “Start,” followed by “Start Shopping” on the Wii Shop channel. Then, select Virtual Console games if you want older games, or WiiWare if you want more up to date offerings. Next, browse through the games until you find the one you want.

Is it legal to download Wii games?

To answer you question – it is only legal to download Wii games if the site is authorised to do so by Nintendo themselves – and you can always send Nintendo an email from their site ( to ask if the site your thinking of joining is authorised to sell the games.

Can you download games for Wii?

Besides being able to play disc-based Wii games, your Wii console can play a variety of classic games and download-only small games. Follow this guide to start purchasing and downloading games for your Wii. Important notice: the Wii Shop Channel is being discontinued on January 31, 2019.

How do you put games on a Wii?

Steps Open the cover on top of the Wii. Connect a GameCube controller. Open the cover on the top of the Wii. Insert a memory card. Insert a GameCube disc into the slot. Press the “Home” button. Click on GameCube. Play the game.