Did Niner bikes go out of business?

Did Niner bikes go out of business?

Niner is an American bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, that specializes in 29er mountain bikes. The company also offers several models of cyclocross and adventure-touring bikes. The firm filed for bankruptcy in November 2017.

Are Niner bikes still good?

Niner has long produced excellent bikes, including the 2013 Gear of the Year–winning Rip9 RDO. It has also helped break ground with gravel bikes such as the RLT9 and plus-size machines like the ROS9+.

Where is the serial number on Niner bikes?

9. Enter the serial number located on the bottom bracket shell of your frame.

Did Huffy buy Niner?

DENVER (BRAIN) — After an eventful few months, Niner Bicycles has been purchased by UWHK Ltd., an investment firm that also owns Huffy Corp. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge approved the sale last week and the purchase closed Friday afternoon.

How do you find out what year your MTB is?

Check the Serial Number The obvious starting point to find the date a bike was made is the serial number. Serial numbers are stamped onto the bike during the manufacturing process. They are a useful tool in helping recover bikes after theft and also to establish the model. The good news is most bikes have them.

How do I read my Jamis serial number?

The serial number for your bike can be found stamped or printed on the underside (bottom bracket shell) of the frame. Sometimes there are 2 numbers listed on the bottom bracket shell which can cause confusion.

Who bought Huffy bikes?

UWHK Limited
The parent company of locally based Huffy has made a key acquisition. UWHK Limited, formerly Emersion International, has finalized the purchase of a Colorado-based bicycle manufacturer, Niner Bikes, the former company said Monday. UWHK is intent on expanding what it called the “premium off-road bicycle brand.”

What’s a Niner?

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