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Does iPhone 4S take good pictures?


Does iPhone 4S take good pictures?

The iPhone can handle wide shots in good light like a champ. Even in mediocre light, the camera performs well, I think. Building shots, gardens, the sea. While more apps that use the camera can zoom in, it is at this widest angle (the default setting) that the camera works best.

How do I know if I have an iPhone 4 or 5?

If you want to find out which iPhone you have, you can simply go to Settings > General > About. The About page gives you general info about your iPhone. It details the version of iOS you’re running, the storage capacity, and the model number.

Is iPhone 4S battery same as 5S?

The iPhone 5’s battery is slightly less than a half an inch taller than the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 is 3.8V/5.45Whr while the iPhone 4S is 3.7V/5.3Whr. 3. The connector on the iPhone 5 is not only different, it is placed on the opposite side of the battery to accomodiate its new position within the iPhone.

How do I take pictures with my iPhone?

Tap the Shutter button, or press either volume button to take a photo. Tip: If you want to take a video while you’re in Photo mode, touch and hold the Shutter button to record a QuickTake video (iPhone 11 and later).

Is iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 battery the same?

The batteries on iPhones are designed for the particular model they’re officially compatible with. Even an iPhone 5 battery is not compatible with an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. Likewise, the battery used for the iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB models is not officially compatible with the iPhone 4 8GB model (launched later).

How do I get photos off iPhone 4?

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to Windows PC using the provided cable. Step 2: Open “My Computer”. Step 3: You will notice your iPhone displayed under “Portable Devices”. Step 4: Left click on your iPhone and choose “Import pictures and videos” or explore the device to see the images stored on a device.

What’s the difference between the iPhone 4S and 5s?

While the cheapest iPhone 4s is $0 on contract and the most expensive 64Gb iPhone 5s is $399, to get that subsidized price requires a 2-year contract in the U.S.

Which is better iPhone 5c or iPhone 5S?

Alternatively, the iPhone 5c and especially the monstrously powerful iPhone 5s likely have many years of useful life ahead of them, well beyond the life of a contract. And, of course, they enjoy much higher resale value. Who should get an iPhone 4s?

Which is better Apple Watch Series 4 or 5?

Apple Watch Series 4 The biggest addition to Series 5 is the always-on display so you can check the time without a big arm movement. If you’re already sporting the Series 4, you’ve got a darn good Apple Watch on your wrist. The Series 4 perfects the Apple Watch design and the Series 5 is just not different enough to justify an upgrade.

Is the iPhone 4S compatible with iOS 7?

The 2010 iPhone 4 – currently only available in China – is getting the 2013 iOS 7, after all. However, compatibility comes with compromise. Older generation iPhones have older generation hardware. They have smaller screens, less memory, and slower processors. That means they don’t get all the features, not even all of the interface eye candy.