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Does Raytheon negotiate salary?


Does Raytheon negotiate salary?

Negotiate Salary 44% of men and 29% of women at Raytheon said they negotiated their salaries. On average, Raytheon employees earn $96,836. Raytheon ranks in the Top 50% for compensation in Boston. Learn More about Salaries at Raytheon.

Is it hard to get a job at Raytheon?

However, the majority of the people that work there are all very bright, and very hard working for the most part. Another reason it’s hard to get in is because once you’re in, you never leave because it’s a pretty good company to work for. Great benefits and competitive total compensation.

Does Raytheon pay well?

The average Raytheon salary ranges from approximately $42,000 per year for Data Center Technician to $152,886 per year for Senior Program Manager. Average Raytheon hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.56 per hour for Senior Software Engineer to $80.00 per hour for System Engineer.

Does Raytheon give bonuses?

Raytheon Co. pays an average of $3,314 in annual employee bonuses. Bonus pay at Raytheon Co. ranges from $2,023 to $11,500 annually among employees who report receiving a bonus.

Does Raytheon pay overtime?

The pay is decent. Exempt employees, which includes administrative, executive, and professional employees, do not receive overtime pay. They can work “extended time”, instead.

Does Raytheon have good benefits?

The company offers a reasonable compensation package with competitive health and retirement benefits. Raytheon encourages employees to grow and also offers the opportunity to further their education with tuition reimbursement. family benefits are very gooddependent care, 3 weeks vacation, sick time, parental leave.

How much does Raytheon match on 401k?

If eligible, Raytheon Technologies matches a portion of your savings dollar-for-dollar, up to the first 3% of your eligible compensation that you save for each pay period through RAYSIP (up to the first 4% of your eligible compensation after five years of continuous employment with the company).

Why do you want to work for Raytheon?

Raytheon is a major US defense contractor with a variety of defense projects. I really wanted to join Raytheon because of work ethics and diversity in this place. Best People around the globe are working here. Hence, in order to grow my potential, I think Raytheon is the best company for me.