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How do I contact Accolade?


How do I contact Accolade?

Accolade health assistants can be reached Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT, at 833-346-3929 (833-FIND-WAY). You can also download the Accolade Mobile App or visit the Accolade member portal to contact Accolade via secure message at any time and you’ll receive a message back during normal operating hours.

What companies use Accolade?

Accolade’s four largest corporate customers (Comcast Cable, American Airlines, Lowe’s, and State Farm) were responsible for an aggregate total of 59% of its revenue of $132.5 million for its 2020 fiscal year, which ended in February, according to its previous financial filings.

What is an Accolade account?

Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution that dramatically improves the experience, outcomes and cost of healthcare for employers, health plans and their members. For more information, visit www.accolade.com.

Is Accolade part of Aetna?

Let’s get acquainted! Beginning in 2021, Aetna and Accolade will work together to provide a better health care experience for you and your family. Whether you’re a current or new Aetna member, you’ll want to get to know how this powerful partnership will make care and medical benefits easier.

How does accolade make money?

Accolade uses a combination of personal health data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, analytics, and human concierge “Health Assistants” to help provide users with personalized healthcare recommendations. It charges employers on a per-employee subscription fee. The company is not yet profitable.

Is accolade an insurance company?

Accolade is an independent healthcare advocacy company partnering with State Farm® to provide agents with the support needed to make better healthcare choices, navigate a complex healthcare system, and get the most from their program options.

Is Medical Mutual owned by Aetna?

Now our members who live and travel outside of our service area have a broad array of doctors and hospitals from which to choose while still experiencing the same great service they’ve come to expect from Medical Mutual. Aetna® is a trademark of Aetna Inc. SuperMed is a registered trademark of Medical Mutual of Ohio.

Is accolade a good company to work for?

Great Company, Mission and Culture Working for Accolade is very rewarding because you know that you are making lives better. Our mission, values and results make this a great place to work. Our culture is fun and hard working, executives care about all employees and the ability to grow at Accolade is great.

How old is accolade?

Founded in the Philadelphia region in 2007, Accolade’s stock market value is $2.9 billion.

How long has Accolade been in business?

By 2000, the subsidiary was consolidated into one Infogrames brand, marking the end of Infogrames North America as a separate company and what remained of Accolade as an entity….Accolade (company)

Formerly Accolade, Inc. (1984–1999)
Founded 1984
Founders Alan Miller Bob Whitehead
Defunct September 2000
Fate Acquired and consolidated

How to contact the accolade support call center?

If you need services which range from IT Support to sales, Accolade Support can provide agents with a wide range of skills and talents to handle almost any type of call. Call Us For A Custom Plan At: 1-888-230-8847 Tap or Click Here To Call Now!

How can I contact my health assistant on accolade?

Call your health assistant directly at 833-346-3929 (833-FIND-WAY). Speak with your health assistant or leave a message. If it’s urgent and you can’t reach your health assistant, you can talk to another. Access the Accolade member portal using your AA ID and password to send secure messages to your health assistant.

Where can I find the accolade mobile app?

You can also download the Accolade Mobile App or visit the Accolade member portal to contact Accolade via secure message at any time and you’ll receive a message back during normal operating hours.

Do you need a new browser for Accolade online?

The new member portal does not support your current browser. For an optimal experience please upgrade to one of the latest versions of the following browsers: