How do I find group category in SAP?


How do I find group category in SAP?

In this SAP tutorials you will learn how to create item category groups in SAP SD using transaction code OVAW….Navigation Path.

SAP R/3 Role Menu Define Item Category groups
SAP IMG Path SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Item > Define item category group

What is item category and item category group?

The item category group determines how a material is processed in the sales order. When processing sales and distribution documents, the system uses the item category group to determine the item category.

Where is item category in SAP?

Enter Tcode VOV7 in Command Bar. List of Item Category including SAP and User Define Item category. Click on New Entries Button,for create Item Category.

Where is item category in material master?

This indicator is part of the link between the material master and the sales document. When you create a sales document item for this material, the combination of the item category group and the sales document type determine the item category. You can find this field on the Sales: Sales Org Data 2.

How item category is determined?

Item category controls the item behavior . e.g. Item category define that item is relevant for Billing or Pricing. The item category in the sales document depends on the sales document type and the material….Item Category Determination.

Item Categories Description
TANN Free Of Charge
AFX Inquiry Item
AGX Quotation Item

What is the purpose of general item category group in SAP?

(Basic data1–Material master ). explanatory. The general item category group is client specific and used for screen control for material we use.

How do you create a category item?

  1. Enter T-code VOV4 in Command Field. A list of existing item category displayed. To Create a New item category click on New Entries Button.
  2. To Create New Item Category ,Enter following data – Sales Doc. type. Item cat. group.
  3. Click on Save Button. A Message “Data Was Saved ” displayed as below –

What is SAP item category L?

Depending on the settings in the material master or the BOM, and the settings and assignments in the Project System, the following procurement methods are available for item category L : Reservation for the network in plant stock or individual stock. Planned independent requirements for plant stock or individual stock.

How do you set item category?

How to assign item categories in SAP?

Assign Item Categories in SAP. Step 1 : – Enter Tcode VOV4 in the SAP command field and enter. Step 2 : – On change view item category assignment overview screen, click on new entries button and assign the item category with the combination of Step 3 : – On new entries item category assignment

How to assign item categories?

To assign an item category to an item Choose the icon, enter Items, and then choose the related link. Open the card for the item that you want to assign to an item category. Choose the lookup button in the Item Category Code field and select an existing item category. Alternatively, choose the…

How is item category determined in SAP SD?

Determine Item category: Item category is determined automatically by the system based on the following criteria: Item category = Sales Document type + Item category group (in material master) + Usage indicator (ABAP) + High Level I.Cat It can be changed manually (if configured).

How to define item category?

Enter Tcode VOV7 in Command Bar.

  • List of Item Category including SAP and User Define Item category.
  • for create Item Category.