Common questions

How do I look up a tax lien in Indiana?

How do I look up a tax lien in Indiana?

The best source of information regarding your state tax liens is the Indiana Department of Revenue at 317-232-2240. The department of revenue can also be contacted online at

Is Indiana a tax lien state?

Indiana is an excellent tax lien investing state because the interest rate is favorable and is a flat fee. Also, if the property goes to foreclosure, the redemption period of 1 year is very short. Indiana Tax Lien Auctions or Sales are in August, September and October.

How do you buy a tax lien property?

How Can I Invest in Tax Liens? Investors can purchase property tax liens the same way actual properties can be bought and sold at auctions. The auctions are held in a physical setting or online, and investors can either bid down on the interest rate on the lien or bid up a premium they will pay for it.

How do tax lien sales work in Indiana?

At the auction, your home is sold to the highest bidder subject to the right of redemption. So, after the sale, most people get a certain amount of time in which to pay off the debt, plus various other amounts, to get the house back (redeem the property).

How do I do a title search in Indiana?

For a listing of companies in Indiana, visit This website will give the name and contact information of the company, as well as the name of the owner. Or contact Accufast, which can search a title in any of Indiana’s 92 counties in 48 hours; services can be conducted via phone, fax or email.

What happens if you don’t pay state taxes Indiana?

Depending on the amount of tax you owe, you might have up to 36 months to pay off your tax debt. If not paid at this point, your Indiana tax debt becomes an Indiana tax lien. Some Indiana County Sheriff Departments (such as Marion County) issue bank levies and wage garnishments.

Can I go to jail for a tax warrant?

You can only go to jail if criminal charges are filed against you, and you are prosecuted and sentenced in a criminal proceeding. The most common tax crimes are tax fraud and tax evasion. Tax evasion occurs when you use illegal methods to avoid taxes. Tax fraud involves an intentionally trying to deceive the IRS.

How to find out if you have a tax lien in Indiana?

Just remember, each state has its own bidding process. Check your Indiana tax liens rules. If you do not see a tax lien in Indiana (IN) or property that suits you at this time, subscribe to our email alerts and we will update you as new Indiana tax liens are published.

How does the Indiana Dor process tax warrants?

Almost one third of Indiana counties were processing tax warrants manually when this project started. That process begins when the DOR mails tax warrants to Clerks who hand write the information in a Judgment Book and mail back filing information to the DOR. The DOR also sends the Clerk a check for $3.00 for each tax warrant filed.

Who is entitled to a Dor tax lien?

Any customer (business or individual) who has outstanding liabilities that have been filed as a lien in the county clerk’s office will have DOR tax liens placed on any and all vehicle titles, which are titled in his or her name and/or Social Security number or Federal Employer Identification number.

Can you hit the jackpot with a tax lien?

You can potentially hit the jackpot with a minimal investment in a tax lien, resulting in you becoming the property owner. Tax liens offer many opportunities for you to earn above average returns on your investment dollars. Just remember, each state has its own bidding process.