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How do I modify an MSI package?

How do I modify an MSI package?

How to Edit a MSI File

  1. Right-click on the MSI file.
  2. Click on “Open With.”
  3. Select the “Choose Default Program” option.
  4. Select 7-Zip.
  5. Click on “Browse” only if Windows does not display the software, then search for 7-Zip and click on “Open.”
  6. Tip.

How do I create a custom MSI package?


  1. Download the DMA setup file from MSPComplete.
  2. Step 1: Download MSI Wrapper.
  3. Important: This is a third-party utility that is not owned or supported by BitTitan.
  4. Step 2: Run MSI Wrapper.
  5. Step 3: Select the BitTitanDMASetup_xxxxxxxxxxx_.exe installer file.
  6. Step 4: Get a GUID for the MSI application.

Which tools allows you to create or edit MSI files?

The Orca MSI Editor, which is part of the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7, allows you to edit an MSI file to change various settings and disable features.

How do I create an MSI file from an exe?

Extract MSI package from the Temp folder

  1. Run the .exe file you want to convert to MSI. Don’t proceed with any actions or close the window as soon as you see the first installation prompt.
  2. Go to the Windows temp folder.
  3. Locate the MSI package for your .exe file.
  4. Copy the MSI package to a location of your choice.

How do I edit package files?

Edit Files in the Package Editor

  1. Edit the package linked to the concept.
  2. Open the text document from the Package Editor.
  3. The package file opens in Notepad, which is the parent application.
  4. Press [Delete].
  5. Close the Notepad application and save the text document.
  6. Save the changes to the text document.

How do I edit a package?

Editing Package Projects

  1. Open the File menu and select Open Existing Package Project.
  2. Navigate to the file location of the saved project that you want to modify and open the *. mcp file.
  3. Under Project Properties, edit the properties of the package.

What is the difference between MSI and MSIX?

MSIX Combines the Best Features of MSI and AppX An MSIX file has the benefits of AppX while being similar to an MSI file. From a user perspective, an MSIX installs like an MSI file, but behind the scenes, it installs like an AppX file. Additionally, MSIX distribution outside the Microsoft Store is possible.

Can Nsis create MSI?

Unfortunately, No. NSIS lets you create scriptable, procedural installation packages. It’s simple, easy to use and has a number of features not present in Windows Installer. Windows Installer (MSI) creates database driven, transactional installation packages.

What is the difference between an EXE file and an MSI file?

The difference between MSI and EXE is that the MSI is an Installer database that comprises a collection of installer files and all the data needed to install, update, modify or get rid of certain software on your computer whereas EXE files can be used to install and run application software and also has the additional …

How do I create an MSI file from an EXE?

How can I edit an msi file directly?

Per best practice guidelines, you should never edit an MSI package directly. Instead, generate a transform that will apply the customizations to avoid a broken installation. Navigate to the menu bar and go to Transform > New Transform.

How to edit a package in MSIX Packaging Tool?

From the welcome page of the MSIX Packaging Tool, select the Package editor icon, browse for your MSIX package and select Open package. You can also right-click on an MSIX package, and select Edit with MSIX Packaging Tool (Available on versions 1

When does EMCO MSI package builder automatically create installation projects?

EMCO MSI Package Builder automatically creates an installation project when you use installation monitoring and wrapping and opens such a project after the deployment package is generated, so you can review and edit it. The projects are created in the program’s storage, and you can open and edit them anytime.

How to change the name of a MSI package?

If you made a mistake when creating a deployment package and specified, for example, a wrong Product Name or Version, you can edit them in the project settings and press the Create MSI Package, Create App-V Package or Create MSIX/AppX Package button on the Ribbon to generate a new package with the modified properties.