How do I reset the maintenance minder code on my Honda?


How do I reset the maintenance minder code on my Honda?

This method should work on any Honda trim model that has a touch screen with a home screen.

  1. Press home.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Press vehicle settings.
  4. Scroll down to maintenance info and press it to select it.
  5. Press reset.
  6. A screen will pop up asking if you really want to reset it or cancel. press reset and that should do it.

How accurate is Honda Maintenance Minder?

The MM is based 100% on mileage for all maintenance except for oil changes. Oil life take certain driving conditions into consideration. The service codes don’t come up on their own. They coincide with the oil change interval closest to the mileage they are do.

How do I clear my maintenance minder code?

If maintenance service is done by someone other than your dealer, reset the maintenance minder as follows: Press the Select/Reset knob until the engine oil life indicator is displayed. Press the Select/Reset knob for more than 10 seconds. The engine oil life indicator and the maintenance item code(s) will blink.

What does the triangle with exclamation point mean in a Honda Pilot?

Vehicle Stability Assist system
There’s a simple explanation should you see a little triangle with an exclamation point in the middle light up your Honda vehicle’s dashboard. This warning light serves as an icon for your Honda vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Assist system and indicates that there is something wrong with the system itself.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2005 Honda Pilot?


  1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF (0) position.
  2. Press and hold the Select/Reset button(s) in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch to ON (II) position.
  3. Hold the button(s) for 10 seconds or until the indicator resets.

Can you trust oil life indicator?

Oil Life Monitoring systems are (thankfully) pretty accurate! Studies have shown that when the same vehicle was subjected to both around-town driving and then highway driving, the warning light came on much later during the highway driving. This means that you could be changing your oil more frequently than it needs.

How to cancel Honda Pilot Oil maintenance minder reset?

Press and hold the RESET button. The oil life reset mode is displayed on the MID. Select Reset with the (Information) button, then push the RESET button. The displayed maintenance items disappear, and the engine oil life display returns to 100%. To cancel the oil life reset mode, select Cancel, then push the RESET button.

What does the maintenance minder do on a Honda?

Many Honda vehicles are equipped with Honda’s Maintenance Minder function; it displays the engine oil life indicator or maintenance requirements at certain mileage intervals.

What’s the best way to maintain a Honda?

Performing regular maintenance according to the factory-recommended Maintenance Schedule is the best way to keep your Honda running in optimal condition. Each vehicle has its own maintenance needs, so Honda develops specific maintenance schedules based on model equipment, such as transmission choice or the addition of a towing package.

How often should I change the oil on my Honda Accord?

1: If the message “SERVICE” does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the engine oil every year. Independent of the maintenance minder display, replace the brake fluid every 3 years. Inspect idle speed every 160,000 miles (256,000 km).