How do you calculate ETOPS?

How do you calculate ETOPS?

For example, a selected one-engine inoperative cruise speed of 400 knots will result in an ETOPS area of applicability of 1200 NM (ie. 400 knots x 3 hours= 1200 NM). Any flight whose route will take the airplane more than 1200 NM from an adequate airport would require the certificate holder to have ETOPS authorization.

What is required when listing an ETOPS alternate airport greater than 180 minutes?

(4) For these operations, the airplane-engine combination must be type-design-approved for ETOPS greater than 180 minutes. (2) The operator must designate the nearest available ETOPS Alternate Airports within 240 minutes diversion time (at one-engine-inoperative cruise speed under standard conditions in still air).

What was the FAA 60 minute rule?

Years ago, piston engines were undependable. Because of this, twin-engine aircraft were required to fly in range of a suitable airport for landing. In 1953, the FAA imposed what is known as the “60-minute rule” on two- and three-engine airplanes, disallowing them to fly more than 60 minutes outside the closest airport.

What is the longest ETOPS?

The Boeing [NYSE: BA] 777-300ER airplane completed the longest engine-out demonstration flight ever in support of Extended Operations (ETOPS) certification, when it flew more than five hours with one of its two engines shut down.

What does 180 minute ETOPS mean?

For example, if an aircraft is rated for ETOPS-180, it means that it is able to fly with full load and just one engine for three hours.

How is ETP calculated in aviation?

To calculate the critical point(as the ETP is sometimes referred to) we use a simple formula:

  1. Distance to ETP = total distance x GS back / (GS forward + GS back)
  2. Distance to ETP = 116nm x 95kts / (65kts + 95kts)
  3. = 68.9 nm.

Is A320 a etop?

Airbus A320, A321 and A319, including the corporate jet version, are approved for 180 minute extended range twin-engine operations (ETOPS). A318 ETOPS approval (EASA and FAA) is targeted for 2nd half of this year, leading to the complete Airbus Single Aisle Family to be ETOPS certified by both Authorities.

What is ETOPS entry point?

ETOPS Entry Point means the first point on the route of an ETOPS flight, determined using a one-engine-inoperative cruise speed under standard conditions in still air, that is –

What is the difference between ETOPS and EDTO?

ETOPS: It was ICAO decision, through Amendment 36, to replace the previously used term of ETOPS (for extended range operations by twin-engined aeroplanes) with the new term EDTO (for Extended Diversion Time Operations).

What ETOPS 120?

This was the first ETOPS certification rating given: ETOPS 120 minutes. This means that twin-engine aircraft were allowed to fly no more than 120 minutes flying time away from the nearest airport suitable for an emergency landing.

What does ETOPS stand for?

Technically the acronym stands for “extended-range twin-engine operational performance standards,” and it references planes that are capable of flying over places where landing areas are sparse or non-existent. …

What is point of no return in aviation?

The point during a flight at which an aircraft is no longer capable of returning to the airfield from which it took off due to fuel considerations. Beyond this point the aircraft must proceed to some other destination.

Where can ETOPS be conducted beyond 240 minutes?

(1) The FAA grants approval to conduct ETOPS with diversion times beyond 240 minutes for operations between specified city pairs on routes in the following areas: (i) The Pacific oceanic areas between the U.S. west coast and Australia, New Zealand, and Polynesia; (iv) The oceanic areas between Australia and South America, and the South Polar Area.

What are the ETOPS requirements for an airplane?

The FAA grants approval to conduct ETOPS greater than 180 minutes. The following are requirements for all operations greater than 180 minutes. (1) The FAA grants approval only to certificate holders with existing 180-minute ETOPS operating authority for the airplane-engine combination to be operated.

How long does it take to get an ETOPS certificate?

The certificate holder must have been operating at 180-minute or greater ETOPS authority for at least 24 consecutive months, of which at least 12 consecutive months must be at 240-minute ETOPS authority with the airplane-engine combination in the application.

How long can ETOPS be used in north polar area?

(1) The FAA grants approval to conduct 240-minute ETOPS authority with maximum diversion times in the North Polar Area, in the area north of the NOPAC area, and the Pacific Ocean area north of the equator as an extension to 180-minute ETOPS authority to be used on an exception basis.