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How do you use Yao in Chinese grammar?

How do you use Yao in Chinese grammar?

Five uses of 要(yào) in Chinese grammar

  1. 要meaning “want” The dictionary definitions for 要always include “want” in English. 要is the most direct and simple way of expressing a desire in Chinese. For example:
  2. 要meaning “need”
  3. 要meaning “should”
  4. 要for commands.
  5. 要for future tense.

How do you use Yao in a sentence?

Yao sentence example We must, therefore, suppose the cycle to have begun 2397 B.C., or forty years before the reign of Yao . The mathematical tribunal has, however, from time immemorial counted the first year of the first cycle from the eighty-first of Yao , that is to say, from the year 2277 B.C.

How use Kuai Yao?

快要(kuài yào) is generally “about to” [happen], but 就要(jiù yào) could be used to mark a more specific time. 要(yào) here can be omitted. For this one, you wouldn’t normally use “about to” for this English translation, but the feeling is nevertheless that the impending event is coming up fast. This use of 就(jiù) overlaps …

What sentence structure does Chinese use?

Word Order. For many simple cases, the basic sentence structure of Chinese is the same in Chinese as it is in English. Both languages use a subject-verb or subject-verb-object (SVO) formula for making simple sentences. This familiar pattern means that you shouldn’t have much trouble with word order at first.

What does Yao mean in Cantonese?

Yao (Chinese: 姚; pinyin: Yáo), also romanized as Yiu in Cantonese, is one of the most ancient Chinese surnames, the “Eight Great Xings of High Antiquity”. It is also unique that, along with Jiang 姜 it is still in common use in the modern day.

How do you use Zai in Mandarin?

If you need to include the place where an action takes place, you can use 在(zài). To indicate the location that a verb takes place in, 在(zài), followed by a location, comes before the verb. Subj. + 在+ Place + Verb + Obj.