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How long has bearing headquarters been in business?

How long has bearing headquarters been in business?

Visit Our Shops Page Our Shops Visit the About Us Page About Us Bearing Headquarters was founded over 80 years ago by industry veterans who built a core foundation that paved the way for industry standards that are still in place today. Learn more about our history, mission, and values.

How to contact bearing headquarters industrial machinery components?

Simply send us a note on our contact page and one of our experts will get back to you shortly. Bearing Headquarters is proud to provide everything you need to repair and maintain your machinery. Set Collars Shop All Sealing and Accessories Use our Search Tool or Contact Us to shop for miscellaneous, hard to find, or custom items.

Where are the Timken Bearing certified repair shops?

Gears Headquarters Achieves Timken Bearing Certified Status. Headco Industries is proud to announce that our Gear Headquarters facility in Kansas City, Kansas has achieved the prestigious status and certification as a Timken Bearing Certified repair shop.

What do you need to know about bearings?

We offer so much more than bearings! full product selection. Products Visit Our Products Page Service You Need, Solutions You Value We keep your machinery operating at peak performance.

Who are the founders of the nav company?

Nav was founded by two small business owners who faced the challenges of understanding business credit and accessing affordable financing themselves. They accessed business capital more than 30 times, were declined dozens of times, and yet were still able to grow several successful businesses.

How does Nav work to help small businesses?

“Nav’s marketplace leverages a proprietary, in-house technology to make understanding the myriad business financing options easier than ever before.” “Nav is among the growing batch of young companies using technology to offer more user-friendly financial services to small businesses and consumers.”