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How many bushels of corn does it take to finish a steer?


How many bushels of corn does it take to finish a steer?

80 bushels
Corn production requirements Depending on the size and weight of the cattle, the amount of forage available for growing lighter calves, access to low-priced byproducts and other factors, 50 to 80 bushels are typically required to finish one steer.

How many bushels of corn does a cow eat in a year?

Feed and Calculations A yearling steer weighing 750 pounds upon arrival at the feedlot finishes at 1,250 pounds after five months. Each yearling steer consumes 47.7 bushels of corn, 426 pounds of hay, 1,812 pounds of modified distillers’ grain, and 97 pounds of mineral and feed supplement.

How much corn do I need to feed a 500-pound calf?

It takes about 1.2 to 1.5 pounds of a 40 percent protein supplement per head daily to supplement the corn silage intake of 400- to 500-pound calves (Tables 3 and 4).

How much corn does it take to feed out a Holstein steer?

How much ear corn per animal will it take in your opinion? These cattle will usually average 2.70 to 3.00 lb/day and consume 21 to 24 pounds of feed on a dry matter basis. Feed conversion will be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds of feed/lb of gain.

How much corn will a steer eat per day?

10-15 lbs. per day of corn, oats or barley fed to grazing cattle is a good finishing ration. This fed to a 900-1000 pound steer for 3-4 months should will you a nicely finished animal. If you do not have access to pasture or if you are finishing during the winter, you might increase the amount of grain to 15-18 lbs.

How many bushels of corn does it take to raise a cow?

It takes about 75 bushels of corn to feed the steer you described. You will need to compare the value of the steer compared to the value of the finished animal with the additional feed costs.

How much feed does a calf need per day?

Calves should be fed daily approximately 10% of their body weight (1 quart of milk weighs 2 pounds). For example, a Holstein calf weighing 90 pounds at birth would be fed 4.5 quarts (9 pints) of milk daily or 2.25 quarts per feeding when fed twice daily.

How much feed does a 500 pound calf eat?

Typical stocking rates are 0.75 to 1.75 head per acre of 400- to 500-pound calves in the fall and winter, depending upon growth, stand, and soil fertility. This can be doubled to 1.5 to 2.5 head per acre in the spring if the wheat is grazed out.

How do you fatten up a steer?

Fattening cattle should be fed a mineral supplement. If a high concentrate (grain) ration is fed, a mineral supplement consisting of two parts dicalcium phosphate, two parts limestone, and six parts trace mineralized salt should be fed free choice.

How many bushels of corn to make one cow?

An old rule of thumb is that it requires 50 bushels of corn to finish an animal for our U.S. desired endpoint (USDA choice grade; USDA yield grade 2 or 3; approximately 28% body fat). There are 56 pounds of corn in a bushel, so you will need around 2,800 pounds of corn to produce an animal that weighs 1,250 to 1,350 pounds.

How big is a bushel of corn and sorghum?

corn CORN & sorghum SORGHUM (56 lb/bu) 1 bushel = .0254 metric ton.

How many bushels are in a metric ton of corn?

CORN & SORGHUM (56 lb/bu) 1 bushel =.0254 metric ton 1 metric ton = 39.368 bushels

How much moisture is in a bushel of corn?

Remember, corn yields are standardized to 15.5% moisture and 56 pounds per bushel. Obtain a grain moisture sample by removing several rows of corn kernels the full length of 10 randomly selected ears from each row sampled and thoroughly mix the grain.