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How many people live in CLYO?

How many people live in CLYO?

Race in Clyo (zip 31303)

PEOPLE Clyo, Georgia United States
Population 2,928 329,484,123
Female Population 58.5% 50.8%
Male Population 41.5% 49.2%
Median Age 36.7 37.8

Is Springfield GA a good place to live?

Very quiet, tranquil, and a large variety of diverse restaurants. The town is very safe and people are generally friendly. What I like about Springfield is that community comes together for its people who are in crisis, whether a medical emergency or elderly that need assistance.

What county is CLYO Georgia in?

Effingham County
Clyo is an unincorporated community in Effingham County, Georgia, United States. The community is located along Georgia State Route 119, 8.1 miles (13.0 km) north-northeast of Springfield.

How large is Effingham County GA?

1,251 km²
Effingham County/Area

Geography. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 483 square miles (1,250 km2), of which 478 square miles (1,240 km2) is land and 5.2 square miles (13 km2) (1.1%) is water.

What is the zip code for Springfield GA?

Springfield/Zip codes

What is CLYO GA ZIP code?

Clyo/Zip codes

What cities are in Effingham County GA?

Effingham County/Cities

What is the zip code for Guyton Georgia?

Guyton/Zip codes

What cities are in Bryan county GA?

Richmond Hill
Bryan County/Cities

What is the county seat of Effingham County Georgia?

Effingham County/County seat
The city limits cover approximately 6.7 square miles, making it the largest city in Effingham. Located north of Rincon, Springfield was selected as the county seat for Effingham County in 1799.

What percentage of people in Georgia are white?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Georgia had a population of 9,687,653. In terms of race the population was: 59.7% White American (55.9% Non-Hispanic White, 3.8% White Hispanic), 30.5% Black or African American)

What is the largest county in the state of Georgia?

By geographic area, Ware County is the largest county in Georgia. Ware County, Georgia’s 60th county, was created on December 15, 1824, by an act of the Georgia General Assembly from land that was originally part of Appling County .

What is the ethnic makeup of Georgia?

Major ethnic groups in Georgia include the Georgians, at almost 87 percent; Azeri , 6 percent (from Azerbaijan ); and Armenian , at 4.5 percent. All others make up the remainder, including Russians, Ossetians , Yazidis , Ukrainians , Kists (an ethnic group primarily living in the Pankisi Gorge region), and Greeks.

How many people live in Georgia?

The last confirmed population for Georgia was recorded during the last nationwide census, which took place in 2010. When the survey was completed, the results revealed that 9,687,653 people were living within the state.