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How many seasons of Bluestone 42 are there?


How many seasons of Bluestone 42 are there?

BBC Three sitcom about the military. 21 episodes (3 series), 2013 – 2015.

Is Bluestone 42 coming back?

Bluestone 42 will not return for a fourth series, it has been revealed. James Cary and Richard Hurst, the writer-creators of the hit BBC Three sitcom, today confirmed that the series will not return for a fourth run.

What happened to Simon Bluestone 42?

With Nick out of Afghanistan, new ATO Captain Ellen Best takes charge of Bluestone 42. After mistaking an attempt by Mac and Rocket to show him respect by awarding him a medal of their own design as mockery, Simon goes AWOL on the final day of the tour and is left in Afghanistan.

Where can we watch Bluestone 42?

BBC Three – Bluestone 42, Series 1.

Who wrote Bluestone 42?

Bluestone 42 series 3: Writers Richard Hurst and James Carey on the Afghanistan BBC3 comedy – Radio Times.

Is Gary Tank Commander Scottish?

Gary: Tank Commander is a BAFTA award-winning Scottish sitcom, written and created by Greg McHugh, and produced by the Comedy Unit. The show originated in 2008 as a one-off pilot for More4, under the title Gary’s War.

Who was the greatest tank commander?

Two of the greatest and most well known tank commanders in history are United States General George Patton Germany’s Erwin Rommel. The two most know TANK Aces of all time are; United States Staff Sergeant Lafeyette G. Pool, reported to have destroyed some 258 enemy vehicles.

Who really killed the Black Baron in WWII?

New evidence has emerged which allegedly shows Joe Ekins, 86, fired the fatal blast which ended the reign of terror of Nazi Germany’s most feared tank gunner Michael Wittmann. Historians argued for decades over who killed the Black Baron after the Canadian army, Polish forces and the RAF each claimed credit.