How many songs are on 808s and heartbreak?


How many songs are on 808s and heartbreak?

The critically polarizing album celebrates its ninth birthday Friday (Nov. 24) with 12 icy tracks spanning 61 minutes of agonizing concepts.

Who did 808s and Heartbreak inspire?

Kanye’s fourth studio album was named “808s & Heartbreak” with the title being inspired by the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. And the tone, the lyrics and the overall atmosphere of the album were completely different from West’s previous works that found him utilizing a lot of soul samples.

What is the first track on Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak?

Track listing

No. Title Producer
1. “Say You Will” Kanye West
2. “Welcome to Heartbreak” (featuring Kid Cudi) West Jeff Bhasker Plain Pat
3. “Heartless” West No I.D.
4. “Amazing” (featuring Young Jeezy) West Jeff Bhasker

WHY IS 808s and heartbreak so good?

Through “808s and Heartbreak” West welcomed the rap game into a new world—one of greater intimacy, vulnerability and creativity. Without this album, who knows whether the genre would have grown the way that it did. The current state of rap would undoubtedly be incredibly different.

How long was Amber Rose and Kanye together?

two years
Relationships. Rose dated rapper Kanye West for two years, starting in 2008. She began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa in early 2011. The couple got engaged on March 1, 2012, and married on July 8, 2013.

What kind of album is 808s and heartbreak?

He’s made 808s and Heartbreak, which as the title hints is an introspective, minimal electro-pop record steeped in regret, pain, and even more self-examination than a typical Kanye West album.

Where was 808s and heartbreak by Kanye West recorded?

West recorded the album during September and October 2008 at Glenwood Studios in Burbank, California and Avex Recording Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, with the help of producers No I.D., Jeff Bhasker, and others. Guest vocalists on the album include Kid Cudi, Young Jeezy, Mr Hudson, and Lil Wayne .

Why was 808s and heartbreak named after Hawaii?

According to West, the fact that Hawaii’s area code was “808” was coincidental, as he had already developed the album’s title before being informed. The realization inspired him to pursue his direction with the album, however.

Where did Kid Cudi work on 808s and heartbreak?

West surprised Kid Cudi with a phone call and had him flown to Hawaii to work on 808s & Heartbreak. The pair worked together in the studio while having films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind play silently in the background. Ultimately, Kid Cudi co-wrote four songs on 808s & Heartbreak.