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How much are toll tags in Texas?

How much are toll tags in Texas?

Get Your TollTag Select from the standard TollTag account ($40 for up to three TollTags) or the $20 Starter TollTag, perfect for the infrequent toll road driver. Toll Tag customers are required to maintain a positive account balance, which can be monitored online or via the free Tollmate mobile app.

How do I find out if I owe Texas tolls?

North Texas Tollway Authority (TollTag) 1-972-818-6882. Harris County Toll Road Authority (EZ TAG) 1-281-875-3279.

Is it worth it to get a Texas toll tag?

The Verdict: Are Toll Tags Worth It? Although toll tags have caused some billing errors and raised privacy concerns, the benefits do seem to outweigh the drawbacks. Transponders can reduce your carbon footprint and save you time during your commute. They also help make roads safer and reduce distractions while driving.

How to calculate tolls on a toll road?

In the toll calculator menu, a summary of the route will appear on left, showing the approximate travel time, mileage and tolls at the TollTag and ZipCash rates. To reverse the route, select the button next to the location bars. Total toll of the reversed route will appear.

How to calculate the toll on the Hardy Turnpike?

To calculate a toll for your trip, use the Toll Calculator below. Toll as of September 12, 2015. Calculate your trip on the Hardy Toll Road using our Toll Calculator. It is always free to use for all toll roads on TurnpikeInfo.com. NOTICE: Toll calculators are continually updated and checked for accuracy.

Where does the toll road start in Houston?

► Starting exit and mile marker: I–610/North Loop at MM 0, in Houston. ► Ending exit and mile marker: I–45 at MM 21.9, in Spring. Obey all speed limits! Travel times are approximate and are based on ideal travel conditions.

Where can I find the toll rates for the NTTA?

You can also download our free Tollmate app on Android or Apple devices to have it all in the palm of your hand. Our interactive map below displays the two-axle rates on every NTTA toll road. Simply zoom in, then click and drag to find the specific tolling point.