Is Brasov Hungarian?

Is Brasov Hungarian?

Like many other cities in Transylvania, Brașov is also home to a significant ethnic Hungarian minority. During the communist period, industrial development was vastly accelerated. Under Nicolae Ceaușescu’s rule, the city was the site of the 1987 Brașov strike.

What is Brasov known for?

Brasov is famous for its medieval sites, from fortifications walls and towers that enclosed the city hundreds of years ago to old bastions that survived almost intact for centuries.

What country is Dracula’s Castle?

Bran Castle, Romanian Castelul Bran, medieval stronghold in the Transylvanian Alps (Southern Carpathian Mountains) of Brașov county, central Romania. Popularly—if inaccurately—identified with the fictional Castle Dracula, Bran Castle is one of Romania’s top tourist attractions.

What language is spoken in Brasov?

If someone doesn’t, they’ll help you find someone who can. Transylvania’s official language is Romanian, but there are many towns where Hungarian is widely spoken, for example in Miercurea Ciuc, Gheorgheni, Brasov, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Cluj-Napoca.

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