Is DC Direct coming back?

Is DC Direct coming back?

Because much like the caped crusader on the big screen, DC Direct is coming back (again). Following the success of its DC Multiverse line, McFarlane Toys is expanding its relationship with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a new line of statues, busts, and figures under the DC Direct label.

What happened DC Direct?

The division has been shuttered after 22 years, another move that was rumored when Warner Bros. Consumer Products began taking a more active role in DC merchandising. DC Direct has long been providing relief for an itch that only a very small segment of fandom might have.

What company makes DC figures?

DC Multiverse is an American action figure toyline from Mattel (later by McFarlane Toys)….Mattel figures (2016–2019)

Collect and Connect Figure Steppenwolf (Justice League)
Release 2017
Figure Superman
Description Justice League version Repaint of the Grapnel Blaster wave Superman figure

What are DC toys?

DC Superheroes is a collection of action figures originally produced by Mattel in early 2006.

Are DC Collectibles finished?

And collectibles division DC Direct, previously also known as DC Collectibles, is done altogether, per The Hollywood Reporter. The company’s recent most popular lines included a 6-inch series of Batman animated figures, and 7-inch DC Comics based characters dubbed Essentials.

What is the DC equivalent of Marvel Legends?

What is the DC Equivalent of Marvel Legends? Just like Marvel, the other comic book giant also has a few action figure lines. But which one out all of the lines which one would be an equivalent of the Marvel Legends line. The answer is one of DC’s most popular action figure lines, DC Universe Classic.

Who makes DC essentials?

DC Collectibles
Product information

Product Dimensions 2 x 6.8 x 1 inches
Release date January 14, 2019
Language English
Mfg Recommended age 4 – 50 years
Manufacturer DC Collectibles

Are there any new DC toys coming out?

Recent figures from NECA including 2015 Doc Brown from Back to the Future, MacReady from The Thing, the Grapnel Launcher Replica from Batman The Animated Series, and Ultimate Frankenstein from Universal Monsters are making their way across the web. These were all available first at big box stores, and are now available via more retailers.

Are there any new Hot Toys coming out?

Some new Hot Toys 1/6 scale figures have been revealed. They held their Summer Showcase, and had some of their recently announced and all-new figures on display. The newly announced figures include: Also in the photos I’ve mirrored are the figures that Hot Toys announced yesterday.

Are there any DC Multiverse Reverse Flash toys?

McFarlane Toys dropped a quick teaser for DC Multiverse Reverse Flash. Looks to use the same base body as their Flash figure, with changes to the head and chest emblem. No word on wave, release date or price yet so stay tuned during the next busy week ahead! [Read more…]

When does the new DC Batmobile come out?

The masked portrait has light up LED eyes. A figure stand is also included. Look for the figure to be released in First Quarter of 2022. Pre-orders should go live soon. Read on for additional details and the new photos. [Read more…] To the Batmobile! Target has just posted up today’s summer Geek-Out exclusives.