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Is dunlopillo a good brand?

Is dunlopillo a good brand?

They’re not what they used to be. I’ve been buying these pillows for five years, and they’ve been the best pillows I’ve ever used. Not too firm or too soft, they bounce back into shape, and serve as great spare pillows once they’ve lost their peak firmness.

Which dunlopillo pillow is best?

The Dunlopillo Super Comfort Latex Pillow is incredibly firm, offers excellent durability and comes complete with a cotton and polyester cover. We also recommend this pillow if you toss and turn during the night or find yourself sleeping on both your side and back.

What happened to dunlopillo?

BEDDING firm Dunlopillo has been bought by Hilding Anders, the Swedish parent company of its arch rival Slumberland in a deal reported to be worth £12m. Richard Smith, former managing director of Dunlopillo, now becomes chief executive of the newly-formed Dunlop Latex Foam Ltd at the Pannal site.

Does dunlopillo exist?

Dunlopillo dates back to 1929 and was first developed by Mr E.A. Murphy, a Dunlop scientist who was researching different types of foams. Today, nearly 90 years on, Dunlopillo is now the authority and leading manufacturer of latex foam.

How do I choose a dunlopillo?

First, consider how you like to sleep. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders, and your chin should be in line with your chest. Sleeping with a crooked neck causes tension and pain. If you sleep on your side, your head will need more support than if you sleep on your belly or back.

Where is dunlopillo made?

All products are manufactured and assembled in Wellington, Somerset. The latex cores used in the Dunlopillo mattresses are produced by Latexco- the world’s biggest latex foam manufacturer. The Dunlopillo range of pillows are made by the US Company Talalay Global.

How do I choose a Dunlopillo?

What is a Dunlopillo pillow?

About Dunlopillo. ® The Therapillo™ range of memory foam pillows mould to the shape of your head and neck to promote correct spinal alignment, to provide complete support allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to relax for the ultimate in personal support and comfort.

Who bought out Dunlopillo?

SLUMBERLAND, the bed maker owned by Hilding Anders, has struck a deal to buy the Dunlopillo bed and mattress business in the UK and Ireland.

Can you wash Dunlopillo?

Dunlopillo pillows can be washed by hand but should be left to dry naturally – do not tumble dry.

How many countries are Dunlopillo products sold in?

Dunlopillo is selling its products in more then 80 countries worldwide. Like all members of the ‘Dunlop’ family of companies, however each and every country is independently owned and managed.

Who is the founder of the brand Dunlopillo?

Established over 90 years ago, Dunlopillo’s heritage, length of research and innovation makes it one of the best. The brand was pioneered in 1926 by Mr E.A Murphy, who initially launched the brand with latex mattresses, which kept them fresh and retained their shape.

What kind of pillows do I get from Dunlopillo?

Dunlopillo® Australia works with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) to endorse the quality of Dunlopillo®. Dunlopillo’s luxurious latex, memory foam and memory fibre pillows provide the ultimate levels of support and comfort, so everyone can wake up feeling refreshed.

Where does Dunlopillo make mattresses in Indonesia?

PT. Dunlopillo Indonesia is established and a new factory was set up in Bekasi, a joint venture between Dunlop Slazenger and local partners. The factory produces latex foam mattresses for the Indonesia and Asian Region market. 1976 1987