Is Into the Badlands a good show?

Is Into the Badlands a good show?

All in all, it’s a good start to what could be an engaging, entertaining series. At the very least, if you’re looking for a fun action series, you could do a lot worse. Other than Marton Csokas, who greedily gobbles up his Baronial role, the Badlands is a place bereft of a compelling cast of individuals.

Does Into the Badlands conclude?

In the end, the finale, “Seven Strike as One,” found Sunny and Bajie fighting valiantly against overwhelming numbers. Gough and Millar had flirted with different endings but in the final analysis they let Wu’s young character find the destiny that made the most sense. He sacrifices himself to save others.

How many episodes does into the Bad Land Season 1 have?

Season 1 is the first season of Into the Badlands….

Season one
Episodes: 6
Run: November 15, 2015 – December 20, 2015
Next: Season 2

Why did they stop Into the Badlands?

Premiering in 2015, AMC cancelled it in the middle of the third season break. Into the Badlands was an extravagant big budget show, with lush costumes, a large cast, and massive sets. And to accommodate the copious fight scenes, it had a separate crew. “It was expensive to make our show,” Wu admits.

Why are the badlands like that?

Erosion is the process of rocks gradually wearing away. The Badlands began eroding about 500,000 years ago as the Cheyenne and White Rivers carved their way through the landscape. They are the reason for the narrow channels, canyons, and rugged peaks of the Badlands which we see today.

Does sunny ever use the gift?

Sunny isn’t able to use his Gift because it was locked away inside him a long time ago. Sunny’s Gift is the key to beating Pilgrim, because Pilgrim can’t use his own Gift and turn off Sunny’s at the same time.

What was the first season of into the Badlands?

Season 1 Review: Into The Badlands thrills in its nimble genre fusion a la “Kill Bill” and “Firefly” (though, it must be said, without the humor).

What are the ratings for into the Badlands?

Into the Badlands is loaded with off-kilter potential that’s left largely unfulfilled — although its well-choreographed action sequences should satisfy martial arts fans. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher.

Who are the actors in into the Badlands?

Cast. Series cast summary: Daniel Wu. Sunny 32 episodes, 2015-2019. . Orla Brady. Lydia 32 episodes, 2015-2019.

Is there a god in the Badlands TV series?

In order to seek out the truth about his own past, Sunny wants to know more of this city beyond the Badlands, and must find a way out, especially now that his lover Veil is illegally pregnant with his child. There is no god in the badlands. (Season 1) See more » Did You Know?