Is kwila wood expensive?


Is kwila wood expensive?

Kwila timber It’s more expensive than pine, because it’s stronger and usually imported. It can handle weight, is resistant to termites, and lasts long (so long as you look after it!).

Is kwila a hardwood?

Kwila is a high quality, strong and durable hardwood. The heartwood is yellowish-brown, brown or dark red, red-brown, turning to a dark red-brown with age.

What type of timber comes from kwila?

Kwila (Instsia spp) is a South East Asian tropical hardwood used for extensively for decking in NZ. Attractive gold to reddy-brown coloured timber which will age to driftwood grey if left to weather. Kwila is hard wearing, easy to work with and has good strength, durability and excellent stability.

How much does it cost to build a kwila deck NZ?

Timber Decks: Kwila 140×19 – $89/m2 incl GST. Vitex 140×19 – $105/m2 incl GST.

Is kwila a sustainable timber?

Environmental groups are at odds over the importation of a tropical timber. Kwila from unsustainable sources has been imported for many years, but now shipments of kwila certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council are coming into New Zealand from Malaysia.

What is the cheapest decking wood?

Treated pine
Treated pine is the cheapest options. It is easy to work with and can be stained or painted. Hardwood timber decking is more expensive than treated pine, but a number of species are available, some of which are much less expensive than others.

Where is kwila timber grown?

Almost all the rainforest kwila (or merbau) that comes to our shores originates in Indonesian ruled West Papua. Kwila used to grow across the Asia Pacific but these days it is close to extinction as a species and is only present in commercial quantities on the island of New Guinea.

Is kwila termite resistant?

The Top Reasons Why Merbau (Kwila) is Used for Outdoor Constructions. Merbau timber is very durable and termite-resistant making it a highly valued material for timber flooring and timber decking. This timber is a type of hardwood that many manufacturers are using, most especially when it comes to outdoor construction.

What’s the cheapest way to build a deck?

Pressure-treated wood, or chemical-treated wood, decks are generally the cheapest material to build decks with.

What tree does Vitex timber come from?

The most popular decking timber we supply is Vitex, which is a natural hardwood imported from the Solomon Islands. It is and Eco-Friendly option that is selectively logged and certified by the Solomon Island Forestry Council. Vitex is a light to golden greyish brown with a smooth interwoven grain.