Common questions

Is Springfield XDS discontinued?

Is Springfield XDS discontinued?

We have discontinued our XD Mod. 2. Here is what we have available: All we have for those is 9mm.

What does the S stand for in Springfield XDS?

One, the S in the model name stands for single stack, a change to the magazine design that permits a slimmer grip. For instance, the XD-S has a grip width of 0.945 inch, compared to an XD(m) grip width of 1.185 inches.

What is difference between Springfield XD and XDS?

In reality, the difference between XD(M) vs. XDS pistols is actually not huge. The difference is about a half-inch in length and about a quarter inch in width and height, and about 5 ounces in weight. The XDM has a slightly better trigger.

How many bullets does a Springfield XDS 9mm?

Capacity: 7+1 flush magazine / 9+1 extended magazine.

Is the Springfield XDS single or double action?

While the Springfield XDS is technically single-action, Springfield and its Croatian partner use innovative spring selection which controls trigger movement and trigger pull weight to the extent that the result is a trigger which feels as though it is a very smooth, but short, double-action.

Are Springfield handguns good?

The Springfield Armory XD(M) Competition Series is a seriously great set of guns. It’s highly accurate, extremely reliable, and its streamlined design allows for a balanced, lightweight hold. Whether you are looking for a home defense weapon or need a new competition piece, definitely try out the XD(M).

What is a XD firearm?

XD is specified as a semi-automatic hand held gun. And like most semi-automatic guns, this uses a magazine located inside the hand grip. XD means extreme duty and has variations including compact, service, tactical, and XDM.

What is a Springfield XD Mod 2?

The Springfield XD Mod.2 is a subcompact 9mm or .40 S&W pistol made for concealed carry. The Mod.2’s redesign places your hand higher in the grip for better control during shooting and a grip texture that is softer and more comfortable to hold.

What is Springfield XD E?

Manufactured in the city of Karlovac , Croatia by HS Produkt (formerly I.M. Metal), the Springfield Armory XD, XDM, or XD-S is the marketing name for the weapon, which is licensed and sold in the United States by Springfield Armory, Inc.