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Is the Marco Polo Club worth it?

Is the Marco Polo Club worth it?

The Marco Polo Club isn’t worth it as the majority of people with a budget of $100USD to pay for one-year membership are already flying and obtaining the benefits of flying business class or first class on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of Marco Polo Club?

What are the benefits of the Marco Polo Club?

  • Premium Economy check-in counters and priority boarding for the member-only.
  • Use Asia Miles to redeem for extra-legroom seats, extra baggage and lounge access.
  • At 200 Club Points, you get a free Business Lounge pass.

What is Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club?

Marco Polo Club is the loyalty programme of Cathay Pacific. Members earn club status in one of four tiers – Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond – and enjoy a range of privileges designed to enhance their travel experience. It offers storage of travel details for faster future bookings and easier booking management.

Can I pay to enter Cathay Pacific Lounge?

Passenger must be a Marco Polo Club member and hold a valid booking on Cathay Pacific to enjoy paid access to the selected lounges. Please check with the lounge/check-in counter staff at the time of payment. Cash payment is not accepted.

Do you get lounge access with Cathay Pacific Premium Economy?

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong lounges There is no specific Cathay Pacific Premium Economy lounge and Premium Economy tickets alone doesn’t grant you lounge access. However, you can buy a pass if you’re Club member.

Is premium economy worth it Cathay?

1. Re: Is Cathay Pacific premium economy worth it? Premium economy gives you more space (mostly in pitch). And the more space you have, the more comfortable it actually gets, especially on ultra long haul flights.

Who can use Cathay Pacific lounge?

Our Cathay Pacific lounges are available to First and Business Class passengers, selected members of The Marco Polo Club and oneworld partner programme members.