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Is there a wiki for Yowamushi Pedal go?


Is there a wiki for Yowamushi Pedal go?

Yowamushi Pedal Go!! Wiki | Fandom Welcome to the Yowamushi Pedal Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to the manga / anime series Yowamushi Pedal. You can help improve the wiki by editing, contributing new articles or pictures, and adding more information to the stubs.

Who is Sakamichi Onoda in Yowamushi Pedal?

Sakamichi Onoda is an otaku who has just entered high school. In middle school, Onoda did not have any friends with whom he could talk about his interests, and hopes to change that by joining his new school’s anime club.

Who is Aoyagi from Yowamushi Pedal on Wikipedia?

Aoyagi is a second-year high school student and member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. Aoyagi is an all-rounder rider who works as a duo with fellow teammate Teshima. He considers himself to be “unskilled,” but usually manages to claim first place in races with Teshima’s help.

What kind of bike does Onoda ride in Yowamushi?

Since he was a little boy, Onoda has ridden his city bicycle (referred to as a “mamachari”, meaning “Mommy Bike”, in the anime)—a simple and bulky bicycle designed for short rides—for transportation and fun.

Where is Sohoku in the Yowamushi Pedal episode?

The freshmen are all in classes when Imaizumi comes in and tells them he just learned from the second years that the Inter High Preliminaries started that morning. Onoda, Naruko, and Imaizumi rush an hour away to the prelim site and find that Sohoku is in 3rd place, 50 seconds behind two other teams, with only two laps remaining.

When does Yowamushi Pedal Grande road season 2 start?

Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road. A second season of the series began in October 2014. Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, concluding Day 2 and the rest of Day 3 of the 41st Summer Inter-High. Joining the Sohoku team is Machimiya Eikichi and the entire Hiroshima Kureminami Technical High School bicycle team.