What amps do Queens of the Stone Age use?

What amps do Queens of the Stone Age use?

Homme continued to use his Kyuss amp and cab setup into the early days of Queens of the Stone Age, but as his new band’s sound developed, so did his rig.

What amp did Josh Homme use?

For most of his career, Josh Homme has relied on the unique tone of Ampeg amps to create his sound. Specifically, he prefers the Ampeg VT-40. In an interview, Homme said he’s been using the VT-40 since he was 13 years old.

What fuzz does Josh Homme use?

Maton BB1200 DLX Both guitars add a sharp, fuzz orientated tone that Homme and his fellow bandmates bring to the table.

What guitar does Queens of the Stone Age use?

Troy Van Leeuwen’s Gear The former Perfect Circle guitarist’s QOTSA rig consists of three main guitars—an Echopark T-style, his signature Fender Jazzmaster with a Mastery bridge, and a Burns 12-string (not shown). He plays through two Vox AC30s, a combo and a head driving Vox and Marshall cabs.

What picks does Josh Homme use?

Josh Homme’s Dunlop Tortex Standard 0.73mm Guitar Picks.

Does Josh Homme play bass?

He is best known as the founder, primary songwriter, and only continuous member of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age, which he formed in 1996 and in which he sings lead vocals and plays guitar, as well as occasionally playing bass and drums.

What tuning does Kyuss use?

C Standard
The main tuning used is C Standard. Quite a few songs are in E Standard, and a few songs are in miscellaneous tunings (e.g. The Sky Is Fallin’ is in E Standard tuned half a step down).

What guitar was used on Songs for the Deaf?

Classic track from the 2002 album Songs For The Deaf. I used a 1994 Gibson Nighthawk detuned to C standard and a Peavey JSX on the red channel with no effects – dry only. Thanks for watching.

Is there a new Queens of the Stone Age album?

In an interview with eonmusic in June 2019, Billy Gibbons announced that he has contributed to a new Queens of the Stone Age album that is set to be further announced by Homme later in the year. Gibbons also confirmed that Dave Grohl is involved in the recording sessions.

How did Queens of the Stone Age get their tattoo?

The band decided to tattoo themselves with the starting time of the performance, “Freitag 4:15.” As Oliveri explained: Me, Mark [Lanegan], Josh [Homme] and Hutch, our soundman, have the same tattoo, it’s from Rock am Ring festival. The time we had to play was 4:15 in the afternoon and it was just a terrible show.

What did the Queens of the Stone Age wear?

Homme said of the name: “Kings would be too macho. The Kings of the Stone Age wear armor and have axes and wrestle. The Queens of the Stone Age hang out with the Kings of the Stone Age’s girlfriends when they wrestle Rock should be heavy enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls.

Who was the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age?

Featuring former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl on drums and contributions from Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider, Songs for the Deaf was released in 2002, to universal acclaim and commercial success.