What are the dimensions of a Mk2 Jaguar?

What are the dimensions of a Mk2 Jaguar?

Jaguar Mark 2

Jaguar Mark 2, 240 and 340
Length 180 in (4,572 mm)
Width 67 in (1,702 mm)
Height 58 in (1,473 mm)
Kerb weight 3,174 lb (1,440 kg) 2.4 manual without overdrive

Who designed the Jaguar Mark 2?

Ian Callum
The Jaguar design director has been dreaming of his ultimate Mk2 for 50 years, and you can buy one just like it. Ian Callum has designed a lot of cars, but never one quite as personal as this.

What does s Type mean Jaguar?

All New and Used S-TYPE Model Years and History A luxury sports sedan, the 2007 Jaguar S-Type seats five passengers comfortably and is available with a choice between a V6 or two V8s.

What type of car does Endeavour drive?

Endeavour – Mark I Jaguar Of course, Morse famously drove a red Mark II Jaguar.

What Colour was Inspector Morse’s Jaguar?

The burgundy Mark II Jaguar used on TV’s Inspector Morse series has been sold for more than £100,000. The 1960 car, made famous by the late John Thaw as the crossword, opera and real ale-loving Oxford detective, was snapped up by a UK-based businessman.

How did Inspector Morse get his Jaguar?

The vintage Jaguar was bought by Morse producers Carlton TV in 1987 and remained in the ownership of company until the series based on Colin Dexter’s novels came to an end in 2000. The car was given away in a promotional raffle the following year but was quickly sold on by its new owner for £53,200.

How long do Jaguar S types last?

The Jaguar usually last with 125,000 or 150,000 miles can be a good investment, since you’re likely to clear 200,000 miles or more. Rating breakdown (out of 5):

Are S-Type Jaguars reliable?

Brilliant Jaguar S-Type 2.7D Sport. I purchased my S-Type 2.7D sport a year ago on 56,000 miles. It is now on 66,000 miles and has just sailed through its MOT. It is a brilliant car – reliable, comfortable, economical – I never get less than 40 mpg and it looks good, a real head turner.

Who owns Inspector Morse’s Jaguar now?

It was later reported in 2009 that the man who bought the Inspector Morse Jaguar, John Potts, 60, was the director of a buy-to-let company who conned his investors out of £80 million to fund his extravagant lifestyle!

How tall is a Jaguar Mk 2 car?

Total Length: 15″ 0.75 in. (459.1 cm) Total Width: 5″ 6.75 in. (169.5 cm) Height at kerb weight: 4″ 5.9 in. (146.1 cm) Wheelbase: 8″ 11.38 in. (272.7 cm)

When did the Jaguar Mark 2 become the Jaguar 240?

In late 1967 it was re-labelled V8-250 when the Mark 2 became the Jaguar 240. As well as being significantly more powerful than the 2.4-litre XK6, the more modern Daimler engine was shorter and also lighter by about 150 lb (68 kg).

What kind of carburettor does a Jaguar Mk 2 have?

The 3.4 Litre and 3.8 Litre cars were fitted with twin SU HD6 carburettors and the 2.4 Litre with twin Solex carburettors. Aware of the importance of the quotable numbers to the US market Jaguar continued to use claimed gross bhp figures throughout the production period of the Mk II and 240/340 models.

What was the top speed of the Jaguar Mark 2?

Performance A 3.4 litre with automatic transmission tested by The Motor magazine in 1961 had a top speed of 119.9 mph (193.0 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 11.9 seconds. A touring fuel consumption of 19.0 miles per imperial gallon (14.9 l/100 km; 15.8 mpg ‑US) was recorded.