What can I do with a Lista workspace?

What can I do with a Lista workspace?

The wide selection of cabinets, workstations and shelving systems can be freely combined to make your workspace work. Our products are used worldwide by over 100000 satisfied customers in a variety of different industries. The LISTA standard unit is the base of a system in which multiple components can be combined and matched.

What do you need to know about Lista workbenches?

Thanks to the wide range of combination options, each workstation can be individually equipped with LISTA workbenches to optimise space. The combinable workbench tops, drawer cabinets, power unit cabinets, vices and rear panels can be organised to create optimum working conditions.

What can Lista storage cabinets do for You?

Lista’s organized storage solutions help improve inventory and retrieval times by creating a home for every part. Organized storage and workspace solutions for efficient maintenance and repair operations. Lista provides stable and secure storage solutions that are perfect for tool crib applications.

How big is the PDF of the Lista catalogue?

I’m interested! Downloads Version Description File LISTA Catalogue 2021 Main catalogue 123.01 MB / PDF Workstation systems and workbenches 2021 Chapter extract LISTA Catalogue 21.43 MB / PDF The LISTA workstation system 2020 Brochure 9.00 MB / PDF

Which is the latest generation of Lista locking systems?

The latest generation of LISTA locking systems combines an exceptional level of security with maximum flexibility. Our electronic locking systems operated by RFID and AUTO Lock are now even more variable and easier to use. The different systems can be freely combined to create a locking system that perfectly suits you and your requirements.

Which is the best company to buy Lista from?

Model AG has been a loyal and reliable supplier of LISTA for decades. The company has endeavoured to develop itself actively and continuously over the years, especially in terms of process optimisation and cost reduction, while also increasing efficiency, providing key building blocks for the company’s success.

What do you need to know about Lista mobile cabinets?

When you need efficient storage and mobility, choose LISTA Mobile Storage Cabinets for safe and secure storage of tools and parts. Each LISTA drawer includes an individual drawer latch to secure it in the closed position for safety when moving. LISTA heavy-duty casters: two swivel and two fixed, with wheel lock pedals.

Which is the best example of a Lista locker?

All in white, with exhaust air, letter slot, socket and shoe rack: the LISTA clothes lockers were individually customised for the Swiss Southeast Railway (SOB) in Herisau. A beautiful example of customer-specific LISTA solutions from planning to installation. Awarded the 2020 PET collection certificate! Live sustainably and take action.

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