What does Matrixectomy mean?


What does Matrixectomy mean?

This procedure is used to remove the problem portion of an ingrown toenail and to prevent the ingrown toenail from recurring.

How painful is a Matrixectomy?

Matrixectomy and Post Op Instructions After Toenail Chemical Destruction. This in office procedure is painless once the toe is anesthetized. It takes less than a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Who performs a Matrixectomy?

1,2 Chemical matrixectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures podiatrists perform.

Is ingrown toenail surgery painful?

The entire ingrown toenail surgery is completely painless due to the effects of the anesthetic. By the time the anesthetic wears off, your pain level will be significantly reduced from where it was before the procedure.

How painful is ingrown toenail removal?

Does it hurt? Ingrown toenails can be painful, especially if you press on or around the nail. Some people report that the anesthetic injection before surgery can be painful. But after the injection takes effect and the numbness sets in, you should be comfortable during the procedure.

What is a matrixectomy and why do I need one?

When left untreated, an ingrown toenail can become infected and complicate the treatment. A matrixectomy is the medical term that means removing the growth area of the nail that is leading to the curved ingrown toenail. This allows for a permanent solution to prevent your ingrown toenail from returning.

How is the nail matrix removed in matricectomy?

Typically, matricectomy is a procedure where an underlying section of a fingernail or toenail, referred to as the nail matrix, is removed. The nail matrix may be taken out using a chemical or an electrosurgical method. The entire matrix or only a piece of it could be excised.

What are the post operative instructions for matrixectomy?

POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS MATRIXECTOMY (Permanent Nail Removal) For proper healing it is imperative these instructions are followed. 1. If possible go directly home. (Remember your toe is asleep and will wake up in a few hours) 2. For the first day, apply an ice bag (frozen bag of peas or corn work well) to the top of the foot/feet.

How is a growth plate removed from a matrixectomy?

A specialized instrument will be used to gently slip out the curved portion of the nail along with the growth plate. The area where the growth piece was removed will then be treated with a specialized chemical to destroy any remaining growth tissues and to make the procedure a permanent solution.