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What does Moirail mean?

What does Moirail mean?

Moirallegiance is a portmanteau of “moira” (fated) and “allegiance.” This kind of relationship may be most similar to the Greek concept of φιλία (philia), or “brotherly love”. Informal: palemate. Singular: Moirail.

Is Moirallegiance romantic?

As mentioned, Moirails are a romantic relationship, and as with any romantic relationship, the decision to include or not include physical intimacy in that relationship should be up to the trolls themselves.

What is a Matesprit?

When two individuals find themselves in the flushed quadrant together, they are said to be MATESPRITS. Matespritship is the closest parallel to the human concept of romance trolls have. It plays a role in the trolls’ reproductive cycle, just as it does for humans.

What does Diamond mean homestuck?

Understand the Pale Quadrant: Moirailegiance. The second quadrant is the redrom conciliatory romance known as moirailegiance, denoted by the symbol of the diamond, <>. An easier viewpoint for humans on this romance is the idea of a Soulmate, but in a more platonic sense, being conciliatory.

Are Dave and karkat together?

In the retconned timeline, Dave and Karkat developed a much closer relationship during the meteor trip, possibly due to not having to compete over Terezi. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

What is the meaning of the word moirail?

Meanings for moirail A pair of people in a platonic relationship, not fated as lovers but as protectors of each other. It literally means Moir (fated) Alliegence.

Why do trolls watch over their moirails in RuneScape?

It is a form of guardianship, but it isn’t simply about being platonic soul bros forever. They are a protector of their moirail’s heart. They keep each other grounded. A troll is compelled by fate to watch over their moirail and keep them in line.

What do the three Moirai in Roman mythology mean?

In Roman mythology the three Moirai are the Parcae or Fata, plural of “fatum” meaning prophetic declaration, oracle, or destiny. The English words fate (native wyrd) and fairy (magic, enchantment), are both derived from “fata”, “fatum”.

Where does the word Moira come from in Greek mythology?

Etymology. By extension, moira was one’s portion or part in destiny which consisted of good and bad moments as was predetermined by the Moirai (Fates), and it was impossible for anyone to get more than his ordained part. In modern Greek the word came to mean “destiny” (μοίρα or ειμαρμένη).