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What does the term staple mean?


What does the term staple mean?

1 : used, needed, or enjoyed constantly usually by many individuals. 2 : produced regularly or in large quantities staple crops such as wheat and rice. 3 : principal, chief.

Is suture a French word?

chirurgie|fr Pratiquer une suture.

Do not staple the same meaning?

1 a short length of thin wire bent into a square U-shape, used to fasten papers, cloth, etc. 2 a short length of stiff wire formed into a U-shape with pointed ends, used for holding a hasp to a post, securing electric cables, etc.

Why is it called a staple?

The word “staple” originated in the late thirteenth Century, from Old English stapol, meaning “post, pillar”. The word’s first usage in the paper-fastening sense is attested from 1895.

What is a staple item?

a basic or necessary item of food: She bought flour, sugar, salt, and other staples. a basic or principal item, thing, feature, element, or part: Cowboy dramas are a staple on television.

What does suture mean in French?

More French words for suture. la suture noun. suture. suturer verb. stitch, sew, sew up.

Is a staple of something?

The definition of a staple is the key commodity of a region or an important part of something. An example of a staple is a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. A country’s key export is an example of a staple of the economy.

What are staple products?

Staple goods (also known as staple products, staples, core products, and necessity goods) are inventoried items that are core to your business. For example, hooks and fishing line are staples of a tackle shop. Golf balls are a staple product for a golf pro shop.

What is a group of staples called?

A set of staples joined together like this can be referred to as a “staple strip” or a “strip of staples”, as in Eran’s answer, but English speakers don’t use this term very often. Instead, most speakers simply refer to them as “staples” in normal speech. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about strips of staples.