What does unrelenting mean in a person?


What does unrelenting mean in a person?

1 : not softening or yielding in determination : hard, stern an unrelenting leader. 2 : not letting up or weakening in vigor or pace : constant the unrelenting struggle.

What does unrelenting faith mean?

refusing to yield or relent; inflexible; relentless. without mercy or compassion.

What is an example of unrelenting?

The definition of unrelenting is something that never slows down or never gives up or has no mercy. An example of something unrelenting is an SWAT team moving through a group of violent protestors. An example of something unrelenting is an illness that continues to make someone more sick.

What does unrelenting in a sentence?

She regularly and unrelentingly antagonizes her brother, seeing him on-camera as weak and effeminate. He described the album as unrelentingly fast, unabashedly heavy and unequivocally the best album yet from an already great band.

What is a unrelentingly?

1. Having or exhibiting uncompromising determination; unyielding: an unrelenting human rights worker. 2. Not diminishing in intensity, pace, or effort: an unrelenting ice storm. un′re·lent′ing·ly adv.

What are the 3 kinds of faith?

I believe, from the Bible, there are only three kinds of faith – dead faith, demonic faith and active faith.

What are three synonyms for unrelenting?

synonyms for unrelenting

  • ceaseless.
  • constant.
  • continuous.
  • implacable.
  • persistent.
  • ruthless.
  • tenacious.
  • unwavering.

What’s the difference between unrelenting and relentless?

As adjectives the difference between relentless and unrelenting. is that relentless is unrelenting or unyielding in severity while unrelenting is not relenting; having no pity; not being or becoming lenient, mild, gentle, or merciful; unyielding; inflexibly rigid; hard; stern; cruel.

What is ridiculous Behaviour?

When you ridicule someone, you mock or make fun of them. They become the object of your ridicule or mockery. Your bad behavior might bring ridicule on your parents, who raised you to know better. The word ridicule is related to ridiculous. Both words come from the Latin redire which means to laugh.

Is ridicule the same as criticism?

As nouns the difference between criticism and ridicule is that criticism is the act of criticising; a critical judgment passed or expressed; a critical observation or detailed examination and review; a critique; animadversion; censure while ridicule is derision; mocking or humiliating words or behaviour.