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What ethnicity is the last name Hickman?


What ethnicity is the last name Hickman?

English (chiefly West Midlands): occupational name denoting the servant (Middle English man) of a man called Hick. According to Reaney and Wilson, Hickman was also used as a medieval personal name. This surname has long been established in Ireland, notably in County Clare.

What does the name Hickman?

Hickman Name Meaning: An occupational name denoting a Servant of a man called ‘Hick’. Hick is from the medieval personal name ‘Hicke’ a pet form of Richard. The name Richard indicated a strong,brave and powerful person. Ric ‘powerful’ + hard ‘brave’.

What does the name Armes mean?

Welsh Baby Names Meaning: In Welsh Baby Names the meaning of the name Armes is: Prophetess.

What is the crest of the Hickman family?

The Hickman family crest has the following heraldic blazon: Per pale indented argent and azure, quartering Azure, an eagle displayed argent and gules, on a chief of the second, three fusils of the first. Crest: A Talbot dog sejant argent collared and chained gules. Motto: Per tot discriminia rerum.

Where does the last name Heckman come from?

The Heckman name comes from the Middle High German word “hecke,” or “hegge,” meaning “hedge;” as such it was likely originally a topographic name for someone who lived near a hedge. This name is common in southern Germany and the Rhineland. PDF Coat of Arms.

Are there different spellings of the name Hickman?

As the form of the English language changed, even the spelling of literate people’s names evolved. Hickman has been recorded under many different variations, including Hickman, Hykeman, Hyckman and others.

Who was Henry Hickman and what did he do?

Henry Hickman (died 1692), was an English ejected minister and controversialist from Worcestershire; Thomas Hickman-Windsor, 1st Earl of Plymouth (c.1627-1687), was Governor of Jamaica; and Charles…