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What happened Adam Shacknai?


What happened Adam Shacknai?

In April 2018, the Zahaus won a wrongful death case — a civil jury finding that Jonah’s brother Adam, staying in the guest house of the Ocean Boulevard mansion, was responsible for Rebecca’s death. Rebecca’s death came two days after Jonah’s 6-year-old son, Max, suffered fatal injuries in a still-mysterious fall.

What happened at the mansion on Ocean Boulevard?

It was a death impossible to ignore: 32-year old Zahou — the beautiful girlfriend of a pharmaceutical industry millionaire — discovered dead, bound and hanging from a balcony at Coronado’s beachfront Spreckles Mansion, with a cryptic message painted on a nearby door.

Did Adam Shacknai murder Rebecca?

Rebecca Zahau and her younger sister Xena were the only people present at the time of Max’s fall. Subsequently on July 16, 2011, Max Shacknai died of his injuries….Death of Rebecca Zahau.

Date July 13, 2011
Deaths 1
Coroner San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Medical Examiner

What nationality is shacknai?

Jonah Shacknai/Nationality

What happened at the Spreckels mansion?

Rebecca Mawii Zahau (March 15, 1979 – July 13, 2011), also known as Rebecca Nalepa, was found hanging at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, California on July 13, 2011, and pronounced dead by first responders called to the residence….Death of Rebecca Zahau.

Date July 13, 2011
Coroner San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Medical Examiner

Who killed Rebecca Sutter?

In the season 2 premiere, it is revealed that Bonnie killed Rebecca Sutter in order to protect Annalise. Later, when Bonnie discovered that Annalise had revealed Bonnie’s past to Asher, Bonnie said she wanted Annalise dead.

What did Adam Shacknai do to Rebecca Zahau?

The Zahau family are extremely grieved by the loss of their daughter and sister and very intent on getting justice on Rebecca’s behalf. They sued Adam Shacknai, alleging that he had sexually assaulted Rebecca, murdered her, and then tried to stage it as a suicide.

Who was responsible for the death of Rebecca Zahau?

Two bizarre deaths in 2011 rocked the community of Coronado, California and sent internet sleuths into a frenzy. On April 4, 2018 a jury found Adam Shacknai responsible for the death of Rebecca Zahau. Here’s what happened in the lead up to that civil trial

Why was Rebecca Zahau hanging from the balcony?

A neighbor later reported that they had heard a woman screaming for help the night before. Adam had been staying in the estate’s guest house, and said that when he noticed Rebecca’s body hanging from the balcony that morning, that he cut her down to try to help her.

What was the cause of death for Max Zahau?

Five days later Max passed away due to brain damage. Max’s death was officially ruled an accident on July 26, 2011, but the question now was what on Earth had happened to Rebecca. The only people in the house on the night of Rebecca’s death were Rebecca herself and Jonah’s brother, Adam Shacknai.