What happened between Harden and Chris Paul?


What happened between Harden and Chris Paul?

Even though the on-court partnership between Chris Paul and James Harden during their two seasons together with the Houston Rockets was fruitful, the duo was split up because Paul had issues with Harden as a teammate. The Rockets will open the 2020-21 season Dec. 23 at home against the Thunder.

Are James Harden and Chris Paul friends?

The two might not be enemies, but they’re certainly not friends, and Harden’s words on the relationship back that up. Harden and Paul clashed, particularly at the end of their time together last season.

What did James Harden say to Chris Paul?

On Monday, Houston Rockets guard and MVP finalist James Harden addressed the subject of playing former co-star Chris Paul in a playoff series, noting that there was nothing personal about the matchup. “I don’t ever take anything personal,” said Harden, who was asked about facing Paul in the playoffs.

Did Harden Ask Chris Paul?

The issues between Harden and Paul reportedly stemmed from Paul not appreciating Harden’s lack of effort on the offensive end when the ball wasn’t in his hands. After that, Harden reportedly demanded the Rockets trade Paul in a deal for Westbrook and threatened to ask for a trade if they didn’t.

Why did Chris Paul and James Harden argue?

Several reports have said that Harden and Paul had a tense verbal disagreement over the offense after Game 6 of the second round of the playoffs, when the Rockets were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors. MacMahon reported that Paul frequently criticized Harden for not moving when he didn’t have the ball.

Why do Chris Paul and James Harden hate each other?

Paul went to Rockets management and demanded a trade, and Harden issued a “him or me” edict following the Rockets’ second-round loss to the Golden State Warriors, sources said. Paul’s injury-related absences and grating personality have annoyed Harden, sources said.

Do cp3 and Harden hate each other?

Their relationship is “unsalvageable” according to Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill, who also reported that Paul had demanded a trade, while Harden had issued a “him or me” ultimatum to team management. …

Are James Harden and Russell Westbrook friends?

Beyond adding another bonafide star, Westbrook holds a long friendship with James Harden that dates back to their childhood. The two both played for the same Challengers Boys & Girls Club in South Central LA. Despite the deep-rooted connection between the two star point guards, things quickly unfolded in Houston.

Did cp3 get traded?

Last offseason, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded away future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns. After the Thunder got paid by the Houston Rockets to take on Chris Paul prior to the 2019-20 season, he thrived in Oklahoma City as his trade value jumped significantly.

Why does Chris Paul get traded?

The Houston Rockets signed Paul to his contract in the summer of 2018 after a Western Conference Finals appearance. They traded him one year later, after reports that Paul and James Harden’s relationship had fractured. But in the offseason, the Thunder leaned into a rebuild, and it was their turn to get rid of Paul.

Why do Paul and Harden not like each other?

Why did cp3 leave Houston?

The real reason the Houston Rockets traded Chris Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook is because owner Tilman Fertitta thought Paul’s contract “was the worst he’d ever seen in business or sports,” according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN. However, like Paul, Westbrook has a terrible contract as well.