What happens if you stub your toe too much?


What happens if you stub your toe too much?

Stubbing a toe can even cause breaks, sprains, broken nails, and infections. The pain of a stubbed toe usually subsides after a few minutes. In some cases, however, the impact could break the toe or the toenail, causing intense pain that may get worse over hours or days.

How many Del units is stubbing your toe?

When you stub your toe, you’re slamming it with a force equal to 2-3 times your body weight. That’s about the same force as a karate punch! And since your toe has a tiny surface area, that force can’t spread out. So the pain stays concentrated at the point of impact.

How long does it take for a stubbed toe to heal?

Recovery. Your toe is likely to be tender and swollen, even after a few weeks. You’ll likely need to avoid running, playing sports, or walking long distances for one to two months after your injury. Recovery time can be longer if the break is in one of the metatarsals.

When should I worry about a toe injury?

When to see a doctor Consult a doctor if the pain, swelling and discoloration continue for more than a few days or if the injury interferes with walking or wearing shoes.

Is my toe broken or just stubbed?

Stubbing your toe can be so painful that you might believe that it’s broken when it’s not. A stubbed toe might show signs of swelling or bruising, but there’s no further injury under the surface. A broken toe is much more severe, and often presents itself with more obvious and harsher symptoms.

Why does toe stubbing hurt so much?

When you stub your toe, you’re massively stimulating a bunch of these nerve fibers at the same time. Those signals integrate in your spinal cord, which in turn relays that information to your brain. “It’s just a really big input,” says Basbaum. “The brain reads that, and it hurts like hell.”

Can a broken toe heal by itself?

Most broken toes will heal on their own with proper care at home. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing. Most pain and swelling will go away within a few days to a week.