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What is a lethal white dog?


What is a lethal white dog?

When referring to a dog that is predominantly white, they are appropriately termed as Pattern White or Double Merle. Lethal White is a term used for foals that are born white, usually die shortly after birth, have vision and hearing problems, and are not capable of growing and developing normally.

Are all double merle dogs deaf?

A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. Double merles also have a very high chance of being deaf, blind, or both because they lack pigment where it would normally be. The pups that do not inherit the gene twice are “normal” dogs.

Are double merles always white?

Double merles often have a predominantly white coat. Keep in mind though, that just because a dog has a white coat, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a double merle, because there are other genetic combinations that can produce a white puppy.

Are all white Australian Shepherds deaf?

White on and around the ear is associated with deafness in many breeds of dog. Most double merles with white on or around the ears are deaf, usually in both ears. Occasionally, Aussies that are not double merles who have these markings will be deaf in one or both ears.

What is a lethal merle?

A single merle gene can produce results as harmless as fur or eye color and as difficult as loss of eyesight or hearing. However, mating two dogs with the merle gene can produce offspring with a homozygous double merle gene, sometimes known as “lethal white” or “double-blue.”

Are white puppies blind?

As in white cats, the genes responsible for coat color, eye, and ear health are not causally linked, so white and albino dogs are not necessarily more likely to be born blind or deaf.

What happens if you breed 2 merle Aussies?

Many people are unaware, but when two merles (of any breed) are bred together, each puppy has a 25% chance of being born as a double merle. These puppies have excessive white coloration – lack of pigment – and this coloration causes loss of hearing, vision, or any combination of the two impairments.

What’s wrong with Australian shepherds?

Australian Shepherds are generally healthy dogs, but they can develop certain health problems, including hip dysplasia, various eye diseases, sensitivity to certain drugs, and epilepsy. Here’s a brief rundown on what you should know. Hip dysplasia is a genetic malformation of the hip socket.

Is the merle gene bad?

Is the merle gene bad? As long as a dog only has one copy of the merle gene, this is not bad or unhealthy at all. The problems only arise when a dog has two copies of the merle gene and is a double merle – then he will experience an array of health issues.