What is an S4 monitor?


What is an S4 monitor?

S4. The S4 Monitor is designed to be user-friendly while providing ample advanced functionality. The monitor displays Time, Distance, Speed/Intensity, Stroke Rate and Heart Rate (with optional sensor).

What rower does Frank Underwood use?

What rower does Frank Underwood own and use? The quick answer – it’s a WaterRower!

How much does a WaterRower weight?

What are the dimensions of each model?

State Height Weight (in lbs)
In Use 28.5″ Dry: 120 lbs
Standing 88″ Wet: 157 lbs
Tank Box 24″ 66.5 lbs
Rail Box x2 15″ 21 lbs each

Does WaterRower S4 have Bluetooth?

Waterrower Bluetooth Hardware The WaterRower ComModule allows you to have an interactive rowing experience by turning your S4 Performance Monitor+ into a Bluetooth® enabled device.

Can I upgrade my WaterRower?

The upgrade kit can be retrofitted to most machines by the owner and requires limited mechanical knowledge. WaterRower will install the upgrade free of charge at its premises, however the customer will be charged return carriage.

What does the rowing machine symbolize in House of Cards?

The script originally had Frank Underwood using a treadmill as a symbolic “hamster wheel” of the political world. However, Kevin Spacey changed it to a rowing machine because he had been using them to workout and felt it symbolized the “rowing forward but not actually going anywhere” that is often seen in politics.

What kind of rowing machine was on House of Cards?

The WaterRower
Rachel Bachman. An obscure piece of exercise equipment has become an unlikely star. The WaterRower, a rowing machine distinguished by a tire-shaped tank of water at its front, has gained fame through repeat appearances on the Netflix hit “House of Cards.”

How do you maintain a water rower?

  1. Table of Contents. MAINTENANCE. PAGE.
  3. or after each workout. Cleaning. Wipe down handle, seat, rails and frame after every row.
  4. Inspect the WaterRower M1. Dust Build Up.
  5. EVERY 3 MONTHS. Check the Tension of the Recoil.
  6. EVERY 1 TO 2 YEARS. Replace the Batteries.
  7. EVERY 6 MONTHS. Water condition.

How long does a WaterRower last?

How long does a WaterRower last? According to some online sources, this WaterRower rowing machines review found out that their models last five years without maintenance.