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What is another name for efficiency expert?

What is another name for efficiency expert?

a person who studies the methods, procedures, and job characteristics of a business or factory with the object of devising ways to increase the efficiency of equipment and personnel. Also called efficiency engineer .

What is another word for great performance?

What is another word for great performance?

piece de resistance masterpiece
tour de force master work
culinary masterpiece dish fit for a king
dish of the day main attraction
main dish outstanding accomplishment

What can I say instead of efficient?


  • effective,
  • effectual,
  • efficacious,
  • fruitful,
  • operative,
  • potent,
  • productive.

What is a good synonym for efficiently?

synonyms for efficiently

  • accurately.
  • cleanly.
  • expertly.
  • methodically.
  • nicely.
  • precisely.
  • handily.
  • orderly.

What is the best performance called?

piece de resistance

  • masterpiece.
  • masterwork.
  • outstanding accomplishment.
  • plat du jour.
  • prize.
  • showpiece.
  • specialty.
  • tour de force.

What is excellent performance?

An excellent performer is someone who implements the best solution for the correct requirement. Performance is not measured only by the quality and speed, but also by how well is your understanding of the need, and about your impact on the requirement’s correctness.

How do you say very efficient?

synonyms for most efficient

  1. able.
  2. capable.
  3. energetic.
  4. powerful.
  5. productive.
  6. profitable.
  7. skillful.
  8. useful.

Why efficiency is so important?

Efficiency is an important attribute because all inputs are scarce. Time, money and raw materials are limited, and it is important to conserve them while maintaining an acceptable level of output. An efficient society is better able to serve its citizens and function competitively.

What is the last performance called?

If you decide to leave the theater early to beat traffic, you’ll miss the finale — the exciting final part of a theatrical performance. Perhaps to ensure that audience members stay until the end, many musical and theatrical pieces end with an elaborate flourish known as the finale.

What is better good or excellent?

As adjectives the difference between good and excellent is that good is (lb) of people while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.