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What is Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code?

What is Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code?

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) sets legal requirements for the labelling, composition, safety, handling, and primary production and processing of food in Australia. The Code applies to any business or activity that involves the handling of food for sale, or the sale of food in Australia.

What is the Australian Food Standards Code and what does it include?

The Food Standards Code includes standards for food additives, food safety, labelling and foods that need pre-approval such as GM foods. This chapter also includes permissions for new foods, limits for chemical and microbiological contaminants and maximum residue limits of veterinary and chemical residues in foods.

What are Australian New Zealand standards?

AS/NZ Standards Australian/New Zealand Standards are developed by Standards Australia, an independent organisation that prepares and publishes voluntary technical and commercial standards which are sometimes adopted by occupational safety and health regulations.

What are the 3 objectives of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991?

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 The main objectives of this Act are to: protect public health and safety. provide enough information about food to help consumers make informed choices and to prevent fraud and deception. prevent misleading and deceptive conduct.

What is required on an Australian food label?

Food package labels must include a name or a description of the food. This name or description should be clear enough so you can tell it apart from other foods. If there is a prescribed name for the food in the Code this must be included on the label.

How can I get Australian standards for free?

Standards Australia do not currently offer free public access to standards. Standards Australia made changes to their distribution and licensing policy in November 2019.