What is Project NOAH of Dost?


What is Project NOAH of Dost?

Project NOAH was the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) integrated disaster prevention and mitigation program. It also undertakes research projects to develop technologies and tools that further build the capacity of the government and the public in disaster preparedness and response.

What was Project NOAH contribution?

Project NOAH’s website allows users to see the near real-time and most recent weather situation in the country. For example, depending on the colors, it shows the amount of rainfall experienced in different parts of the country in the past one, 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours, including its intensity.

What happened to Project NOAH Philippines?

In January 2017, the government announced it would pull the plug on Project NOAH due to “lack of funds” for it. More than the technology and tools, Project Noah’s termination meant the loss of dozens of disaster scientists and researchers and their expertise.

Who invented the Project NOAH?

Yasser Ansari
The project’s co-founder, Yasser Ansari, believes that “not only is there an educational need and an environmental need but a deep, deep human need for all of us to reconnect with our planet.” Project Noah has won several awards.


Project NOAH was vital in getting the word out to not just the local government units, but the regular civilians. In the midst of floods, landslides, and other hazards, rescuers would use Project NOAH’s app to help find the people in need and avoid dangerous areas.

What are the different components of Project NOAH?

Project NOAH Components

  • Landslide Sensors Development Project.
  • Coastal Hazards and Storm Surge Assessment and Mitigation (CHASSAM)
  • Flood Information Network (FloodNet)
  • Weather Information Integration for System Enhancement (WISE)
  • Disaster Management Using Web-GIS.
  • Strategic Communication Intervention.

Is Project NOAH still alive?

The program has been dubbed as the country’s flagship disaster prevention and mitigation program. In January 2017 however, the Philippine government announced that Project NOAH would be shut down effective March 1, citing lack of funds; it was supposed to remain in operation only until February 28, 2017.

Who shut down Project Noah?

Department of Science and Technology
On February 23, 2017, the University of the Philippines decided to adopt Project NOAH and continue its operations upon the termination of its administration by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on February 28.

Is Project Noah beneficial to Filipino?

“The project’s benefits go far beyond its research value,” said Concepcion. “It has literally been a lifesaver for millions of Filipinos threatened by natural disasters like floods, landslides, and storm surges. It deserves a new lease on life, and UP is happy to welcome it into its fold.”

What are the features of up Noah?

Is Project NOAH successful?

The NOAH Program started in 2011 and most component projects were completed in 2015, including Project NOAH. Project NOAH was a success, and its popularity prompted the Department of Budget and Management to label all succeeding DOST DRR/CCA projects as “Project NOAH/NOAH Program.”