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What is RectTransform in unity?

What is RectTransform in unity?

RectTransforms are used for GUI but can also be used for other things. It’s used to store and manipulate the position, size, and anchoring of a rectangle and supports various forms of scaling based on a parent RectTransform.

How do you find the height and width of an image in unity?

Get width and height of Image in Unity 4.6

  1. GameObject mynewcard = (GameObject)Instantiate(card); // where card is the prefab assigned in the editor to a public member variable.
  2. mynewcard. size. width // nahh.
  3. mynewcard. width // no…

How do I change the height and width of an image in unity?

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  1. public float width;
  2. GameObject theBar = GameObject. Find (“Canvas/loadBar”);
  3. var theBarRectTransform = theBar. transform as RectTransform;
  4. theBarRectTransform. sizeDelta = new Vector2 (width, theBarRectTransform. sizeDelta. y);
  5. }

What is RectTransform Anchoredposition?

Description. The position of the pivot of this RectTransform relative to the anchor reference point. The Anchored Position is the position of the pivot of the RectTransform taking into consideration the anchor reference point. The anchor reference point is the position of the anchors.

How to get the size of a recttransform in Unity?

The Unity UI system is a great thing, but with canvas’s, canvas scalers, child objects with Rect Transforms that also scale and then sizeDelta’s! Things can get a little confusing when trying to figure out the actual size of a UI item like a button. The solution lies inside the RectTransform, to get the scale of a UI element:

How to get the correct rect width in Unity?

But as it turns out the layout group scirpt (as well as content size fitters) need a frame to update before you can get the correct element size values. So you can just Invoke (“GetSize”, 0.01); on your start function to delay it a bit.

How to get rect width and RecT transform height?

Anyway, found out the Parent UI element needed a Min size which would show up in the Rect-transform Height but wouldn’t pass it at all. Then only will the Layout group’s register the spacing. So I needed to steal that info and slap it into the Layout Elements Min size.

How to recttransform a game object in Unity?

Matrix that transforms a point from world space into local space (Read Only). Calls the method named methodName on every MonoBehaviour in this game object or any of its children. Is this game object tagged with tag? Returns the component of Type type if the GameObject has one attached, null if it doesn’t. Will also return disabled components.