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What is the another name of Phoksundo Lake?

What is the another name of Phoksundo Lake?

Shey Phoksundo National Park
Phoksundo Lake
Location Nepal
Coordinates 29°21′29″N 82°50′44″ECoordinates: 29°21′29″N 82°50′44″E
Area 3,555 km2 (1,373 sq mi)

Where does Phoksundo lake lie?

Nepal’s deepest and second largest lake, Phoksundo Lake, lies in upper regions of Suligad. Near the lake’s outlet is the country’s highest waterfall.

What is the depth of the lake Phoksundo?

145 m
Shey Phoksundo Lake/Max depth

How do you get to lake Phoksundo?

Its most alluring attraction, Phoksundo Lake, is sacred to Buddhists and followers of the Bonpo religion….Brief Itinerary.

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 7 Explore sacred Phoksundo Lake and Tshowa Gompa Ringmo
Day 8 Trek to Chhepka Village Chhepka
Day 9 Trek to Juphal Juphal
Day 10 Fly to Kathmandu Kathmandu

What district is Shey in Phoksundo?

Shey-Phoksundo National Park lies in the Dolpo and Mugu districts in north-west Nepal. A buffer zone in Dolpo is planned. The northern boundary, stretching from the mountain pass of Namja in the west to that of Marim in the east, borders on the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

Where is tilicho lake situated?

Manang district of Nepal
Tilicho Lake(pronounced [tilit͡so]) is a lake located in the Manang district of Nepal, 55 kilometres (34 mi) as the crow flies from the city of Pokhara. It is situated at an altitude of 4,919 metres (16,138 ft) in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas.

Which is the deepest lake of world?

Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal (5,315 feet [1,620 meters]) Lake Baikal, Russia. Lake Baikal, in Siberia, holds the distinction of being both the deepest lake in the world and the largest freshwater lake, holding more than 20% of the unfrozen fresh water on the surface of Earth.

What is the national fruit of Nepal?

Golden himalaya berry
List of national fruits

Country Common name Scientific name
Nepal Golden himalaya berry Rubus ellipticus
Pakistan Mango Mangifera indica
Philippines Mangga Mangifera indica
Serbia Plum prunus