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What is the meaning of the medical term erythropoiesis?


What is the meaning of the medical term erythropoiesis?

Listen to pronunciation. (eh-RITH-roh-poy-EE-sis) The formation of red blood cells in blood-forming tissue. In the early development of a fetus, erythropoiesis takes place in the yolk sac, spleen, and liver.

What is a hemolytic?

Hemolysis is the destruction of red blood cells. Hemolysis can occur due to different causes and leads to the release of hemoglobin into the bloodstream. Normal red blood cells (erythrocytes) have a lifespan of about 120 days. After they die they break down and are removed from the circulation by the spleen.

What does apheresis mean in medical terms?

(a-feh-REE-sis) A procedure in which blood is collected, part of the blood such as platelets or white blood cells is taken out, and the rest of the blood is returned to the donor. Also called pheresis.

What is normal RBC count in human being?

A normal RBC count would be: men – 4.7 to 6.1 million cells per microlitre (cells/mcL) women – 4.2 to 5.4 million cells/mcL.

What is a bone marrow test used to diagnose?

Bone Marrow Tests Your doctor uses a bone marrow test to examine the fluid and tissue in your marrow. The tests help determine whether cancer or another disease is affecting blood cells or marrow, as well as the extent of the disease.

What is the medical definition of erythropoiesis?

Medical Definition of erythropoiesis : the production of red blood cells (as from the bone marrow) — called also erythrocytopoiesis, erythrogenesis Other Words from erythropoiesis

How are red blood cells removed In erythrocytapheresis?

After removal of the affected cells, the patient can then be transfused with a dose of normal red blood cells. Erythrocytapheresis can also be used for blood donations. The procedure is commonly done using automated red blood cell collection which involves the removal of two units of red blood cells.

How is erythrocytapheresis used in sickle cell crisis?

Application. Therapeutic erythrocytapheresis is commonly used to remove red blood cells in patients experiencing sickle cell crisis. The affected erythrocytes are removed while the rest of the blood is retransfused. This blood separation is also used in patients with severe malaria. After removal of the affected cells,…

How is erythrocytapheresis performed in a centrifuge?

Whole blood is spun down in a spinning bowl centrifuge and the bottom layer, concentrated with erythrocytes, sediments to the bottom. These are separated and the rest of the blood can be retransfused. Centrifugal sedimentation is the most used process by which erythrocytapheresis occurs.