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What is the melting point of para nitroaniline?


What is the melting point of para nitroaniline?

147 °C
4-Nitroaniline/Melting point

What is the pKa of M nitroaniline?

3-Nitroaniline, also known as meta-nitroaniline and m-nitroaniline, is a non-volatile stable solid commonly used as a raw material for dyes….3-Nitroaniline.

Melting point 114 °C (237 °F; 387 K)
Boiling point 306 °C (583 °F; 579 K)
Solubility in water 0.1 g/100 ml (20 °C)
Acidity (pKa) 2.47

What is melting point of P Nitroacetanilide?

213°C to 216°C

Packaging Glass bottle
Melting Point 213°C to 216°C
Color Brown-Green or Green-Yellow to Yellow
Quantity 25g
CAS Min % 98.5

What is the pKa value of phenazine?

pKa Data Compiled by R. Williams pKa Values INDEX Inorganic 2 Phenazine 24 Phosphates 3 Pyridine 25 Carboxylic acids 4, 8 Pyrazine 26 Aliphatic 4, 8

What is the Kd value of 2-nitroaniline?

According to a classification scheme(2), this Koc value suggests that 2-nitroaniline is expected to have high mobility in soil. 2-Nitroaniline was found to have a Kd value of 8.4 L/kg in homoionic K+ Montmorillonite type soil(3).

Which is the correct formula for 4-nitroaniline?

4-Nitroaniline, p-nitroaniline or 1-amino-4-nitrobenzene is an organic compound with the formula C 6 H 6 N 2 O 2. It is an organic chemical compound, consisting of a benzene ring in which an amino group is para to a nitro group. This chemical is commonly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants,…

Is there a link between azo and p-nitroaniline?

p-Nitroaniline is an intermediate in the preparation of several azo dyes used for coloring consumer products. Toxicology and carcinogenicity studies were conducted by administering p-nitroaniline (>99% pure) in corn oil by gavage to groups of male and female B6C3F1 mice for 14 days, 13 weeks, and 2 years.